Choking incidents happen worldwide, and they are always an emergency. In fact, choking is a leading cause of death among children and adults. It occurs when something, food, or another object gets caught in the back of your throat, blocking the top of the trachea.

Many people experience difficulty in breathing, and if the proper emergency is not offered, death quickly occurs. Certain incidents or conditions can easily make one choke, young or old. They include:

Growth developmental stages- children under the age of five are at a higher risk of choking. They are naturally meddlesome and often place objects they come across in their mouths, increasing their chances of choking.

Foodstuffs- Some of the foods we consume on a daily basis are a little easier to choke on if not careful. These include things like nuts, seeds, grapes, sweets, popcorn, fruits, or chunks of meats. 

Behaviors- Certain habits can easily increase the risk of choking. They include eating too quickly, not chewing food properly, eating while lying down or not sitting correctly when eating or drinking. 

Medical conditions- Neurological and muscular conditions like multiple sclerosis, stroke or Parkinson’s disease are at risk of choking.

Preventing Choking Incidents-What to Know

Choking incidents happen accidentally but can still be prevented with the right precautionary measures. Parents and caregivers have to keep choking hazard objects out of reach. They should at all times practice responsible child-minding. 

A lot will come to mind when a loved one is choked or choking. Seeking medical attention is the most practical solution, but time won’t allow it. Every second counts in a choked person’s life and the right solutions should be provided within the shortest time possible. 

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The best solution today? Get a dechoker. It is a device that offers an effective way to help a toddler, children, or an adult during a choking emergency. 

With a dechoker, you easily avert choking incidents by providing an instant vacuum that dislodges any airway blockage in a matter of seconds. In the event of a choking incident, this device will save lives, and it’s 100% safe to use. There are no limitations to using this device, and you can even use it on yourself as it can be self-administered. 

Choking is a common cause of accidental deaths in many parts of the world. With this in mind, you shouldn’t have any reservations about getting a dechoker and give it a try. It can make all the difference when all choking preventive measures like chest thrust or back-slapping fail.

Why Get a Dechoker- The Key Benefits

Dechoker is a reliable ally for dealing with choking incidents, and it has proven install relief of any blockage. You will, without like it, thanks to its unique features. They include:

It’s Easy to Use

 A dechoker is ready to use whenever a choking emergency occurs and right out of the manufacturer’s box. The respiratory mask, together with the depressor, provides a timely air clearance to the choking patient. The depressor is designed to block tongue collapse backward, reducing the risk of choking.

Unique Design and Construction

A dechoker is made from high-quality anti-bacterial plastic that guarantees comfort during an emergency. You can use it anytime without requiring any power or energy like electricity. It’s a portable device you carry anywhere or keep in a first-aid kit.

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Wide and Large Cylinder

The large cylinder is a standout feature that makes it easy to remove the blockage from the airway. You just need to pull the handle and clear the airway.

Instruction/ Reference Guide

It comes with a reference guide with all the instructions and details for use. The valves allow air and other contents to enter via the airway tube. The other valve allows air to leave the chamber when you return the handle. Hence, the device’s unique abilities allow smooth suctioning.

FDA Certified

You shouldn’t have any doubts about using a dechoker as it’s certified by FDA and meets market requirements. It conforms to safety and health measures for the market.

To Sum Up 

Dechoker is an excellent device you should get today for any choking emergencies. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you are always ready to protect loved ones. Choking is a matter of death and life, but with a dechoker, you will have a life-saving device that is easy and safe to use 24/7.