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Retirement may not seem like the most thrilling time of your life, but the truth is quite the opposite. With an unlimited amount of free time, you can actually have more fun and make your life much more exciting than when you were in your 30s. With no need to get up early and go to work every morning, and having the opportunity to plan each day exactly the way you want it to be, the retirement will most likely start to grow on you more and more each day.

Forget about tight schedule

Once you retire, only you will be in charge of your time. Forget about having every minute of every day pragmatically planned, leaving you no time for your personal interests. Now that you can get up whenever you want, and have a blank calendar on your desk, you’ll be able to fill it up the way you want and not worry about running from one meeting to another. There will be no more rules or deadlines that dictate how you’ll spend your time and you’ll be completely in control of your free time.

You can plan everything

Just as you were able to plan how much money you’ll need for the retirement, which probably led you to take age pension income test and see whether you could get age pension, you can also plan out anything else. You’ll have the freedom of choice, and all the things you never had the opportunity to do before will now be possible. Make plans for a long vacation or a trip around the world and broaden your horizons during the golden years.  

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Improving Overall Health And Fitness

Healthier lifestyle

Long walks, swimming, working in the garden, and exercising regularly will improve your lifestyle. While you probably didn’t have much time to work out when you were employed, retirement is just the right time to get back in shape. At least half an hour of activity per day will keep you healthy and vigorous.

Check the local community in your town and join senior classes with your friends. Not only will you have a great time, but they won’t be as expensive as the classes for younger people are. So, this time around, there are no excuses that it’s too expensive or exhausting because they’re going to be customized for people of your age and affordable at the same time. If you prefer an active fun rather than plain sports, go bowling or engage in some fun activity that will keep you on the move. Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle also means having a healthy diet.

Therefore, try to get more fiber by eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains. What’s more, add some fish, and avoid sugary drinks and desserts.

Socialize more

When you retire, there are many more opportunities for you to socialize. Spending time with your grandchildren, taking them to the park, playground or to see a play is a great way to bond with them. Children look up to their grandparents and love being around them, so this would be the best way to teach them how to ride a bike, or play chess, and maybe even show them how they should take care of the garden. Visiting old friends is another great idea how to spend your days in retirement. Chaotic lifestyle and tight schedule sometimes keep us from staying in touch with our friends.

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This is especially true if they move to another city, and the regular meet-ups become even more difficult to schedule. Therefore, retirement is the perfect time for you to get in your car and take a road trip to visit your old friend. You can always use social media to stay in touch with friends and family, and keep up with everything that’s going on in their lives. Just because you’re available every day doesn’t necessarily mean that all your friends and family members are. So, join the Facebook community and reach out to all of those people you’ve lost touch with.

Final thoughts

If you’ve had the fear of retirement, it’s about time you started looking on the bright side. Not going to work every day will be the best thing in your life, giving you the chance to plan your time the way you want, socialize more, and embrace a healthy lifestyle that’ll make you feel and look better.