With a surge of professional chef superstars in recent years, it seems that the common male specimen has taken upon himself to make the kitchen his domain. Ladies, there is no denying it anymore – men are definitely becoming better cooks with each passing day, so rejoice! Finally, human evolution has brought us to the point where you can enjoy the fruits of your husband’s cooking and not have to worry day in and day out what kind of new and exciting dish to prepare.

Yet, interestingly enough, men seem to have a rather different set of reasons for imbuing their lives with the pleasures of cookery, some of which may surprise you! Here is why men are better cooks and why you should enjoy the trend while it lasts.

The adventure of cooking

While you would spend a good half an hour devising a recipe that boasts numerous exotic ingredients, your hubby, being a guy, has a quite simpler thinking pattern. More often than not, men will try to make the best out of what is already in the kitchen, mixing ingredients you would only want to see displayed separately on a shelf.

The entire cooking process becomes an adventure, making them the inventors of new signature dishes, and cutting down grocery expenses as well!

Double the measure

Women cook by adhering to strict guidelines highlighted in their trusty cookbooks. Men, well, let’s just say that if the chicken starts burning, they think that maybe it’s done. Moreover, by not following the rules, men tend to make default recipes even better with constant experimentation and improvement, always adding something new to the mix.

And lastly, men always add more than they are supposed to! Have you noticed that? You instruct them to put a pinch of oregano in, and the next thing you know, the entire house smells funky!

Cooking is fun for them

If there is anything that can drive a gal crazy, other than him wearing socks to bed, it’s his childish approach to cooking. Everything is a game, and the kitchen is their playground where they break all the rules without any respect to your carefully devised system.

Not only do they hate using proper cooking utensils such as tongs and ladles, oh no, they have the audacity to turn your precious cooktop into an art display of mixed ingredients. Better invest in a smart Bosch cooktop to save your precious appliances!

They abide by the golden rule

They say that the secret to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and ladies, nothing could be more true! Men take the phrase rather seriously, and will attempt to create the best damn dish you have ever tasted. Why, you might ask? Because the secret to a woman’s heart is to dazzle and impress her, and men want nothing more than an opportunity to impress women with their remarkable culinary skills, all the while making a dish that will satisfy their ungodly cravings – it’s a win-win!

Challenges inspire them

You might take a look at a Swedish cooking show and think to yourself “yeah right, in your dreams”, but not your man! It’s a matter of pride and dignity, it’s a challenge he will tackle with full force. Granted, he will fail a few times, but that will only strengthen his resolve to beat the famous chef at his own game.

So, humor him for god’s sake! Chances are he will get it right at some point and you will get a delicious meal with no time or effort lost! Just make sure you get him to clean up after, as well.
Protip: men are proud. Unjustifiably so, yet they are. So you don’t want to mess with their game head on, or they won’t listen to you. Instead, you should drop subtle hints as they go, move the pots and pans as he forgets they are burning and for god’s sake, don’t let him set anything on fire. Chances are you will make an even better chef of him.

The fact is, men love to cook. Society has changed dramatically since your mom got married and spent every subsequent day cooking for your father – the modern man is all about the homey lifestyle, so don’t fight it, don’t deny it – rather embrace the fact that your husband is a better cook and enjoy all the perks it brings!