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You brush twice a daily, floss religiously, and use a mouthwash with fluoride. But you still wish there was more you could do to improve your oral health. The good news is, there is more you can do. Here are four ways you can rely on that will make your oral health better.

Change/Improve Your Diet

The foods you eat have a much bigger impact on your oral health than you realize. Eating a diet low in sugar and high in healthy fats can do a lot for the health of your teeth. You can also drink homemade bone broth for extra minerals that can strengthen your teeth.

Use Non-Alcohol Oral Health Products

Many mouthwashes contain alcohol, which can dry out your mouth. Look for oral health products that are alcohol free. This will keep your mouth moist, with plenty of saliva to keep your teeth healthy and wash foods and acids out of your mouth instead of leaving them to sit on your teeth. A dry mouth can also contribute to cavities and other oral health issues. If you already know you have a dry mouth, not only should you avoid products with alcohol, but you should also look for those that are specifically for a dry mouth. They may say “dry mouth” or they may say “moisturizing” on the label, but these products can give you some additional comfort.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

Life is busy, and sometimes things fall by the wayside because other things seem more important. But visiting a dentist, such as those at Silverado Family Dental, regularly is critical for the health of your mouth. Oral health problems can start small and grow into a major problem before you even have a chance to realize it. Regular dentist checkups can catch those small problems while they’re still minor and get them fixed. Twice a year cleanings will make everything you do at home more effective, and conversely, everything you do at home will make your cleanings quicker and easier.

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Balance Your Hormones

Hormones can affect your oral health as much as they can affect everything else in your body. Optimizing your diet, fitness, and sleep and lowering your stress levels will help your oral health, too. A doctor can help you determine how to resolve severe imbalances.

Oral health is critical. Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. Taking the best possible care of your mouth is a first step to ensuring your overall health.