Visiting the doctor is a nerve-wracking but necessary part of life. It is common to want the news received at such appointments to be helpful in curing ailments and helpful to retaining positive continued health. However, many people forget to tell their doctor important information that can help to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease. At your next check-up, make sure to talk to your doctor about these four things4 Things People Forget to Talk to Their Doctors About.

Vitamins and Supplements

In normal doses, vitamins are not harmful. When mixed with medication, however, these tiny supplements can cause some unforeseen damage. Be careful in regards to overdoing it with medications as well. Sensitivity to things such as iron in vitamins can cause stomach aches and other unpleasant feelings. Make sure to mention anything going into the body to the doctor.

Drastic Mood Changes

Many people do not view emotions as a viable health problem. Slowly, however, society is beginning to realize where physical and mental health meet. One can often be affected by the other. Mention any drastic mood changes to your doctor, especially if they have not been present in the past.

Abnormal Bathroom Habits

This is a topic that most wish to avoid. However, it can be a tell-tale sign of various ailments. Pay attention to stool. If it looks different or something is irregular, tell the doctor. Certain cancers can be detected early in this way. Definitely make sure to contact a physician immediately if there is blood in the stool. This can be a sign of something much more serious.

Dental Issues

It may not seem like something you would tell your family doctor. It is not just the dentist that needs to know about oral health. Gum disease and pain in the jaw can affect other areas of health. According to the doctors at the Art of Dentistry Institute, pain in your teeth, jaw, and mouth should never be dismissed. In some cases, pain in the jaw may be indication of a heart problem. In other cases, infection from the mouth can spread throughout the body. Make sure to mention dental issues with your doctor.

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There are usually many questions to answer on that clipboard at the doctor’s office. Some are relevant, and some are simple standard procedure. Depending on your situation, however, these questions may not cover everything about your situation. In general, it is a good idea to tell the physician anything that could be deemed out of the ordinary. Even if it just feels different to you, it is worth checking out. Telling your physician the whole story could literally save your life!