Winter has its charms and many beautiful moments because of all the fun games in the snow and you can enjoy with your friends and family. Everyone is happy and cheerful, but you are irritated and tired of your dry skin. Sometimes that dryness even causes your skin to crack which can lead to eczema. That is not a pleasant feeling, is it? Here are some tips for maintaining your skin healthy even during the winter.

Moisturize more


Good moisturizing is the key to everything. You need to find the right ointment and the best solution is to have one moisturizer for every season. During the winter, you will need an ointment that is based on oils rather than water. Oil-based moisturizers are better because the oils create a protecting layer which preserves moisture. However, you have to be careful because not all oils are suitable for every skin type or part of the body. If some ointments work good on your hands it does not mean they will not irritate your face. One of the best brands of skincare ointments is Ultraceuticals offering a wide range of creams and moisturizers suitable for every skin type. Choose carefully and moisturize well.

Protect your hands and elbows


Your hands can suffer the most during the winter. The skin on hands is thinner than the skin on the rest of your body and it has fewer oil glands. That is the reason why it is so hard to keep your hands moist, especially in cold dry weather. To protect your hands you should wear gloves whenever you go out, and apply hand creams frequently. As far as elbows are concerned, during the winter these can crack and dry even more. Materials such as wool and other thicker materials that keep us warm can irritate the elbow skin and dry it because of the friction. Just like with your hands, you need to moisturize frequently in order to prevent cracking and maybe even infections.

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Sunscreen during winter? Yes


Wearing sunscreen is considered to be popular only during the summer. However, winter sun can damage your skin in big amounts if you are not protected. The thing that enhances the sun impact is the snow glare that reflects the sun rays on us, which can lead to sunburn, too. To avoid damages on your skin, you should apply sunscreen on your face and hands at least half an hour before you leave the house, and apply it frequently.

Lip protection


Winds, dry weather, snow, rain, all that can make your lips suffer. Changing weather conditions and constant change in temperature (inside-outside) can damage your lips and make them crack, which can be painful. The best trick is keeping the lip balm close to you. Another thing that can happen is flaky lips. You should gently scrape off the extra skin from lips and spread beeswax on them or a lip balm with lanolin.

Always be prepared for the winter, in every possible way. Protect your skin, because if you are not taking good care of it, you are risking getting infections and other uncomfortable conditions that dry skin causes.