5 Foods You Should Stay Away From If You Have An Autoimmune Disease

There are a plethora of different autoimmune diseases that people suffer from. Some autoimmune diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and celiac sprue disease. At present, much of the relief of these illnesses comes from relieving the symptoms, because no cures exist. One of the best ways to fight these diseases is through diet. Here are six foods to avoid to help you alleviate some of your autoimmune symptoms.


This counts as a big one. These contain, gluten, which is a type of protein. Naturally, the building blocks of bread like wheat, rye, spelt, and barley all contain gluten. In other words, it’s in practically everything. The good news is that delicious and good-for-you foods like fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, beans, and seeds contain no gluten. Staying away from bread is only necessary or helpful for certain autoimmune disease like celiac. Talk with your doctor to see what is most beneficial for you.


Pasta falls in the same category as breads do in terms of the gluten thing. These can cause havoc to your gut, which causes a flare up of celiac disease, a common autoimmune disease affected by the consumption of gluten. Look for gluten-free pastas if you still want your fix. Again, talk with your doctor to find out of this is the best option for you, since eliminating gluten is not necessary.


Some autoimmune diseases just don’t like what’s in the little white container on your table, so if you think you might be susceptible to a flare up, avoid salt. Opt for salt-free alternatives instead, which provide the flavor without the inflammation.

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Dairy and Eggs

Some people do okay with diary and eggs. Others don’t. If you suspect that the ice cream cone you ate yesterday or the cheese you had in your omelette today revved up your immune response, you might want to try a non-dairy alternative or skip these items all together as some non-dairy items contain soy, which also aggravates some conditions.


Those mushrooms you like to sprinkle on your salad or add to your soup could be feeding your autoimmune disorder. Avoid these if you are sensitive at all to flare ups.

If you’re getting the idea that almost anything could cause an autoimmune flare up, you’re partially correct. It really does depend on the person and what kind of autoimmune disease he or she has. It’s best to work with a medical professional, like someone with a master’s degree in nursing online. They can put you on an elimination plan. This helps you weed out the foods that will likely cause a flare up in your disorder. It takes a bit of detective work, but the process is worth it for the added pain-free days you may get as a result of doing so.