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Telehealth allows patients to connect with medical professionals online and get treatment without personally visiting the clinic or hospital. Physical therapy is one of the treatments that you can get virtually. It may not be for everyone because there are cases that may require a face-to-face treatment with the healthcare provider. Your doctor will determine if a virtual consultation or treatment is appropriate for you.

You might be wondering how physical therapy can be done online when the common notion is that it requires a personal touch from the therapist. Some therapy techniques need the therapist to be physically there, but other methods can be done remotely, like playball therapy. It’s a form of rehabilitation that is fun and enjoyable because you will play games using the ball as your controller. It will help promote control and movement in the hands. There are various benefits to virtual physical therapy, and we listed some of them below.

It’s convenient

As long as you have a computer or mobile device connected to the internet, you can get help with physical therapy online. It offers convenience, especially if you are having difficulties with driving or transport. The therapist will review if a virtual treatment is right for you, and if it is, you can start your sessions online. Distance or geographic location will not be an issue because the internet will connect you anywhere in the country and even internationally. As long as the therapist offers the service in your area, there will not be an issue getting treatment from afar. Aside from the internet and a computer to go online, all you need is space for the treatment. When it comes to exercise equipment, your therapist will instruct you what you need to get. These are usually common exercise equipment like yoga mats.

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It saves time and money

You will save time because there is no need to travel to the clinic or facility for your treatment. The preparation and travel time can be long, especially if you live far from the therapy center. Virtual therapy cuts those times because all you have to do is show up on your session using your computer or mobile device.

It also saves money for your travel expenses. You don’t need to spend extra on your fuel or public transport because you will have the session in the comforts of your home. Moreover, there is no need to wait a long line in case there are several patients. In a virtual session, your therapist will give you a schedule, and you can meet online on the set date and time.

It offers a personalized approach

One of the most common concerns of some patients regarding telehealth is that they may not get the same quality treatment that they may have in a face-to-face consultation. You will still have a one-on-one session with your therapist, so it will be the same. The only difference is that it is done remotely. Your therapist will guide you and give you instructions on what you need to do.

The exercises will be personalized to your specific condition. It will be designed to achieve the best result. Your therapist will still check your progress as they would on a traditional setup and provide feedback and recommendations. If it is working, they will ask you to continue with the treatment, and if the progress is not as expected, they may revise your treatment for a better result.

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It brings confidence and independence

There are exercises that the therapist will instruct you to do. You can do them at home even when you are no longer in a video conference with them. It promotes independence because you can do things by yourself, even without the physical assistance of someone. This, in return, will make you feel confident because of your independence. Your independence and confidence are things that you may have lost because of your condition. However, doing things on your own will bring you that feeling of accomplishment, and that is one thing that you will have when you do virtual therapy.

It provides comfort and safety

If you are not comfortable with traveling or getting treatment in a facility for some reason, virtual physical therapy will provide comfort since you will be doing it at home. It is also safer since you don’t have to go far to get the treatment, especially if you have difficulties with your movements. Driving or going on public transport can be challenging for those with mobility issues.

The popularity of virtual physical therapy is continuously increasing, so more insurance companies are also including it in their coverage. Check with your insurance provider if they cover it too. If they do, that’s even better because you would not have to pay the cost out of your pocket, which is another win.


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