orange oil

Orange oil is an essential oil derived from the rinds of the citrus fruits you know and love. The oil is extracted as a by-product during the process of making regular orange juice. Aside from providing a bright, pleasant aroma, orange oil offers numerous benefits to your personal health and the overall wellness of your home. Cultures all over the world have used orange oils in folk remedies to treat a variety of ailments for thousands of years. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this essential oil.


  1. Orange oil can effectively boost your immune system.

Orange oil contains limonene, a powerful antioxidant that can combat oxidative stress and prevent damage to your cellular structure. Some studies even suggest that the essential oil offers cancer-fighting abilities as limonene can potentially prevent tumor growth.


  1. Orange oil is a natural antibacterial.

Even common cuts and scrapes can potentially get infected, but orange oil can fight back against harmful bacteria. One study found that orange oil can effectively stop the spread of salmonella thanks to the essential oil’s high antimicrobial compounds. Another study found that orange and other citrus essential oils could be used as a means of fighting common bacteria that cause food poisoning, including E. coli, Campylobacter, and Bacillus cereus.


  1. Orange oil can improve your mood.

Adding orange oil to your bath or a diffuser or simply rubbing it on your pulse points can give you a huge boost in mood. Smelling orange oil has a direct effect on your brain, providing calm emotions, physical relaxation, and an overall improved mood. One study found that aromatherapy using orange essential oils reduced the amount of salivary cortisol. Cortisol is your body’s primary stress hormone.

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  1. Orange oil can improve your complexion.

Oranges are known to be high in vitamin C. The oil offers an even more concentrated form of that vitamin. While it’s best known for fighting colds and flus, vitamin C is an important component of skin health, offering both protective and healing qualities. Applying orange oil to the skin can smooth away wrinkles and lighten up dark spots. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities, orange oil can also fight back against acne, soothing redness and swelling from painful breakouts.


  1. Orange oil can get rid of those pesky termites.

Eliminite Termite Services has developed an innovative termite treatment that uses orange oil as its main active ingredient. Called D-Liminite, the powerful solution can easily and effectively eliminate termites without doing any harm to you, your family, or your pets. In fact, you can stay in your house while they spray the treatment. Thanks to the lack of toxins, D-Liminite is healthy for you and the environment.