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India is slowly transforming to become the go-to destination for cosmetic surgery and it has seen a sudden surge in patients opting for hair transplant surgeries here. Carrying the baton from Turkey and Dubai as affordable destinations for providing cosmetic and hair reconstruction solutions, India is now the most preferred country when it comes to hair loss treatment. Interestingly, of late the Indian trichology sector has seen a huge influx of people opting for hair transplant in Mumbai, the financial and commercial capital of India.

So, why are all these people looking to get the treatment done from Mumbai? Let us find out.


  1. Cost:

 The first and foremost reason Mumbai has gained popularity for hair transplant treatment is due to the cost. The city provides quality treatment at affordable cost. The average hair transplant cost in Mumbai ranges between. Rs. 50,000 ($769) to Rs. 80,000 ($1,230) and maximum it can stretch up to is Rs. 1 lakh ($1,540), which is still less than the world average. Talking about cost per graft, it ranges from Rs. 20 ($0.31) to Rs. 100 ($1.54), depending on the type of treatment technique you choose. Here’s a quick comparison of costs of hair transplant in different countries compared to India:


                                                                       Cost Per Graft

FUT $0.30-$0.60 $1.5-$2.4 $4.5-$10.13 $2.7-$4.08 $3-$5 $5-$7
FUE $0.50-$1.50 $3-$5




$8-$10 $17-$10 $11-$15




  1. Quality:


Qality Treatment
                          Hair Treatment Quality

Looking at the costs above, you might be wondering that there’s no way the costs could justify the quality of hair transplants. That is a common misconception that people have before coming to India for the procedure. Clinics all over India, especially Mumbai, adhere to the highest quality standards while performing the procedures and at the same time manage to keep the costs down. Doctors and surgeons of all reputed clinics here are ISHRS certified. Only doctors having qualified degrees are legally allowed to perform hair transplant surgeries. Now, I’m not saying that all clinics have qualified doctors, as is the case in many countries, but to find the best clinics for hair transplant in Mumbai you can visit here.



  1. Latest Technology:


Latest Techniques
            Latest hair transplant techniques

With advancements in medical science, technology has played a major role in making hair transplant surgeries easier to perform and less painful. In Mumbai, a majority of clinics and hospitals use state-of-the-art technology and latest procedures to perform hair transplant surgeries. One of them being Advanced FUE Treatment, which is a form of robotic surgery. The robotic system makes it quite efficient and more precise to remove grafts of hair and using digital imaging software lays out the areas where the hair follicles need to be implanted. Robotic surgeries give not only a more natural looking hair transplant but also help reduce scarring and recovery time.


  1. Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism india
                    Medical Tourism India

One of the major reasons for more and more people choosing India for hair transplant surgeries is due to its $3 billion Medical Tourism industry. And what makes Mumbai such an attractive destination for medical tourism? Affordable cost, experienced doctors, value for money and ease of operations. A lot many medical tourism companies have come up which provide you with not just a treatment but an experience. Starting from arranging visas, accommodation, and transfers to setting up appointments with doctors and follow-ups after treatment, a medical tourism company provides all such facilities bundled in a complete package. All you have to do is make the decision of travelling to this beautiful country!


  1. Sightseeing and Vacation
Mumbai Sightseeing
                     Mumbai Sightseeing

Coming to India, especially Mumbai, just for hair transplant and not seeing the city sounds boring. Mumbai has Bollywood. Mumbai has glamour. Mumbai has everything to give you the best travelling experience. Let’s just put it this way, that you come to visit Mumbai as a tourist and take back long & natural looking hair. That sounds like a plan!



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