Many times, we get intimidated by our doctors to the extent that we become a doormat for them. Plus, there have been many cases where doctors have been neglectful, uninterested, rude, and downright negligent.

People do place a lot of importance on their doctors, but it might be time to change yours if there are certain warning signs. Below are a few practical reasons to change your family doctor right away:

The Doctor Doesn’t Recommend Going For Second Opinions

It’s definitely a red flag if your doctor discourages you from getting a second opinion at any point. Unless you’re actually in the emergency operating room and time is critical to your life, a second opinion is a good idea if you wish it.

If your doctor gets upset when you express this wish or is rude in the aftermath, they’re probably only watching out for their own interests. When this occurs, it’s definitely time to take off.

There Is A Lack of Communication

Many doctors are more knowledgeable than us, but that doesn’t mean they should interrupt or rush their patients. Communicating your symptoms clearly is one of the most important aspects of getting medical help or guidance. This is how you can find out when you need an allergist or when it’s the right time to change your medication.

Your Portland family dentist, for instance, should take the time to convey the details in a thorough manner, and also listen to your health concerns. Plus, you need proper updates on your state of dental health. If you’re not getting all this in a decent fashion, it might be time to make a change.

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The Doctor Is Always Rushing

There are several clues which tell you that the doctor is in a hurry. They talk while their hand is on the doorknob, they seem distracted while talking, and there’s no introduction or sitting down. Whether this is your first visit or your fifth, we’ll say that these are signs that it should also be your last.

Granted, doctors can be under quite a bit of pressure, but rushing through everything isn’t going to help. It’s only going to create more confusion, frustration, and even lawsuits if anything goes wrong.


Having a doctor rush once in a while is probably acceptable, as long as the visit isn’t for something critical. If it’s their habit, unfortunately, we strongly suggest that you should start looking around for a doctor who actually has time for every patient.

The Doctor Ends Up Misdiagnosing You

One of the worst things a doctor can do is to misdiagnose you. We’re all humans, so one mistake will hopefully not be too serious if it’s caught in time. What should ring a wanting bell for you is the wrong response when one discovers the mistake.

Some doctors may try to hide their negligence. They may even refuse to accept that their diagnosis was incorrect. If this happens, you know what to do.

The Doctor Prescribes Only Medication

Unfortunately, many conventional doctors don’t focus on suggesting the right diet or physical activity to their patients. Even the diet plans for diabetic patients aren’t done too thoroughly. This is a major part of your health in all cases. Therefore, you should observe if your doctor suggests you a diet plan that is specifically a part of your medical treatment and may help you recover from the particular illness. If they don’t, it’s a sign that you should look for any other doctor.

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It’s Time To Trust Your Instincts

At all events, go with your instincts. Even if the doctor apologizes for a mistake, or seems fine on all counts, it’s your comfort that matters.