Nostrums, though they are not prescribed, help in reducing symptoms of scalp prickling and to keep it regulated. One of the indicators of acanthosis is that it causes irritation on the scalp leading to lacerating the scurf and if not treated it may even lead to loss of the hair.


There are many home therapies than can be used to curb this disease.


Primitive henna grit

Primitive henna grit is one of the useful products used as a home remedies. It reduces the inflammation on the scalp. It mends the specks by lessening the acidity and alkalinity on the scalp. The recommended procedure of using this powder to make it effective is mixing 2 tablespoons of it with a half tablespoon of coconut oil and a little amount of water then applying it on the scalp. After a few hours clean the hair with shampoo.


Coal tar shampoo

Using coal tar shampoo on the skin is one of the best Scalp psoriasis home remedies. This shampoo reduces the bearing of inordinate skin cells. It also minimizes distension and tingling. However, tar may react differently on various types of skin so it’s always advisable to make sure one’s skin is not susceptible before applying it.



Yoghurt is also a very vital mendicant. The way to go about with yoghurt is applying it on the scalp then after waiting for approximately thirty minutes one should launder it with a shampoo that is mollifying. Yoghurt bedews the skin membrane. It desquamate the dead skin and the tissues that are shriveled.

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Witch hazel

Witch hazel, a type of shrub that shed its fronds after flowering is one of the most plant used to manufacture skin care products. Applying 2 tablespoons of its tincture mixed with water on the scalp gently, then swilling it with distilled water after three minutes or so reduces irritation on the scalp. It’s salient in the treatment of scalp psoriasis in the view of the fact that it is usually styptic. It contains tannins hence allaying suppuration.


Shea butter

Shea butter, an oil substance deracinated from kernels of a shea tree. It is also a product that is extensively used to fabricate ointments mainly as an unguent or cream. It is bountiful in vitamin E and vitamin A. Before applying it on the scalp, it has to be melted first. After it has melted, one can then massage it blandly on the scalp membrane for three to four minutes .It is only after a night is over can the hair be washed. This is allows enough diffusion of the butter in the skin. Shea butter is essential since it humidifies the scalp and the scabrous corium effortlessly slips off.



A mouthwash referred to as Listerine, is also a restorative endorsed. This mouthwash usually contains alcohol. It has forty percentage of ethanol and 0.06% of methyl. To use Listerine, one should first sluice their hair with shampoo, cascade this attenuated mouthwash on the scalp only if they have no sporadic skin and then lastly, in the rear of four or five minutes one can scrub it off. Listerine truncates protuberance and tickling.

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Washing the hair with a mixture of lemon juice and water or even just squeezing the lemon juice and kneading it on the scalp, annihilates dandruff. Irritation is also depleted. It is judicious to practice this every single day.


In as much as this scalp disorder is not curable, the countermeasures discussed above are more advantageous and safer to use because the chances of experiencing side effects are slim compared to prescribed medicine. The remedies keep this skin disorder under control.