5 Reasons Why Invisalign is Better Than Traditional Braces

There is a lot in a smile, and people subconsciously judge others based on the quality of their smile. The problem is that many people suffer from imperfections that make them feel unhappy with their smile. Do not think you are the only one who wishes for a beautiful smile. There are solutions out there like Invisalign, and the following are five reasons this solution is better than others.


Invisible Perk

Perhaps the aspect of Invisalign that attracts people the most is that it is a treatment no one has to know about. Braces are very noticeable though not as bad as they were since the metal can be made a lot thinner these days. Still, no one wants to feel self-conscious about their smile, and wearing braces could make some people feel this way. You do not want to put yourself in that position, which makes Invisalign a more attractive option. This is especially true for adults because people do not expect you to wear braces.


Removable Option

Braces are effective. There is no doubt about that, but they are also oral devices that you cannot remove. This means you are going to be wearing uncomfortable pieces of metal in your mouth for some time. Yes, your smile is worth it, but why should you have to go through this when you have the option of correcting your smile using Invisalign? Yes, the Invisalign aligners are completely removable. This mean that you can choose to remove them if you do not want to deal with them for one day.

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Simplicity and Smiles

Braces are complicated oral devices. There are a lot nooks and crannies that your oral specialist needs to deal with. This means you are going to have to visit the dentist often to get adjustments, which usually gets tiring for some people. This is not to say that you will not have to visit your dentist when using Invisalign because it may happen but only if you want to because there are sites like Smilelove that give you the opportunity to get your aligners through the mail without visiting the dentist, which is a perk you will not be getting using regular braces.


Cleanliness Is Easy

Many people have a hard time cleaning their braces. You have to make sure you clean around and under the wires to make sure no bacteria is hiding within the device to protect your teeth. You have to use a specialized tool to make sure the braces and teeth are clean. This can get a little annoying, which is yet another reason why one should consider Invisalign over braces. The aligners that come with Invisalign are removable, which means you can clean your teeth like you normally would. The aligners can be cleaned inside a cleaning solution, which makes cleanliness a lot easier.


Comfort Enhanced

Braces and Invisalign aligners apply pressure to your teeth in order to help correct your smile. This means you are going to feel this pressure at all times, so you are not going to be too comfortable. Sure, people get used to it after some time, but that bit of discomfort is still going to be present. The difference is that braces come with an additional level of discomfort due to the metal wires. You will likely feel these wires when you eat or talk, which adds to the discomfort. This is something you do not have to deal with when you wear Invisalign since the surface of the aligners is smooth.

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You can talk to your dentist about both of these options and any others that you may have to see what works best for you. Still, you can tell why Invisalign is becoming the preferred choice for many. Hopefully, some of these points make the decision a lot easier for you and get you closer to your ideal smile.