Substance Abuse TreatmentIt’s no longer a question of whether you need to enter some sort of substance abused program. The focus now is deciding on where the treatment will take place and who will oversee the process. You’re seriously leaning toward entering into a program operated by Phoenix Rehab in Israel. What is it about a program outside your country of residence that attracts you? Here are some reasons that others have cited for choosing this option.

Not Everyone Has to Know Where You’re Going or Why

While there are some people who are aware of your substance abuse problem, many friends, acquaintances, and coworkers know nothing about the situation. You’d prefer to keep it that way. If you chose to enter a domestic program, even one in another part of the country, the odds of someone learning what’s going on are higher.

Since you prefer to keep this quiet until you complete the program, it makes sense to put as much distance between yourself and those who don’t know what you’re facing. When you return, there will be plenty of time to decide who else you should tell and who never needs to know.

Removing Yourself from Toxic People and Situations

Attempting to work a program while remaining home may work for some, but you suspect that it won’t work well for you. There are people in your life, places nearby, and some complicated situations that could make regaining control of your life more problematic. This is not a time when you need to deal with distractions. Your focus must be on dealing with what’s happening right now.

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Distance is once again your friend. With no contact with toxic individuals or constant reminders about places or situations to slow you down. It’s easier to concentrate on what matters right now. It’s true that those people and situations will still be around when you get back. What will be different is the resources you have on hand to deal with them.

A Place Where Your World View Can Broaden

Stepping outside what you know can be intimidating, but it can also be freeing. While undergoing treatment in an international location, you’re likely to come in contact with others who are from other places and cultures. Couple that with the fact that you’re in a place where you’ve never been before provides many different opportunities to broaden your view of the world and the people who inhabit it. What you learn from them could be very helpful to your journey and to your future.

Access to Treatments That Have to do With Your Situation

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to substance abuse recovery. How to treat meth addiction? What about treating prescription drug abuse? Seeking a program that’s grounded in some essentials while also providing room to tailor a plan that meets your needs is a big plus. That’s not something you will necessarily find closer to home.

Enough Space to Think About Your Future

Part of the process will involve considering your future. What will need to change? What can remain the same? Will certain people no longer be part of your life? Are there loved ones that you will need to make amends with once you’re in control of your life once again? Life after rehabilitation may be somewhat scary, but it’s during the treatment that you begin to get a glimpse of how wonderful your life can be in the years to come.

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Would seeking treatment abroad be right for you? Think about these and other factors. Do they apply to you? If so, now is the time to make that first contact and begin making plans to enter the program and put the past where it belongs.