Joint pain can be solved through so many ways in which you can choose that which suits you most. Joint pain mostly comes as a result of the arthritis or other health conditions. Do not ignore any kind of joint pains that come along your way rather, see a doctor. He/ she will be in a position to tell you what you are suffering from and the kind of medication you are supposed to take. Do not ignore your doctor’s prescription hence if you do so you will still remain ill. Among the prescriptions, you will find reflexology being inclusive. This is none medicinal way to solve joint pains. It involves use of joints to reduce the pain by placing them in a reflex angle.

Joint Pain

The following are 5 reflexology points to reduce joint pain;

1. Elbows

The reflexology point is in your hand whereby you will have to place your hand at a reflex angle for some period in order to help reduce the joint pain. This is the only part you can massage in order to reduce the elbow joint pain is the hand. Massage it twice in a day and you will be gland that the pain has reduced. Ensure that you follow the procedure to the latter to ensure that the pain has reduced. During this period, avoid hard tasks that involve use of the hand muscles and the joints since you will just be increasing the pain. There are many joint pain types that will also be solved using this process if only; it is followed to the latter. Do not skip any day or time set to enhance better results.

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2. Knees

The knees are joints which are mostly used during movement. They are prone to minor injury and inflammation whereby with the pain caused, you will not enjoy any movement. The reflexology for the knee joints is on each foot in which, you will have to massage the foot in order to reduce the joint pain. Avoid frequent movements; rather put them into rest in order to make the massage effective. Follow the procedures given to the latter in order to faster the process of reducing the knee joint pain. Walking and jogging will also be another source of joint pain reduction, but avoid any other vigorous joint pain which is not recommended.

3. Hips

This is the point whereby most women come to discover that they are suffering from arthritis. The type of joint pain is usually so severe hence lead most women to seeking medical advice. This is one step to healing rather than ignoring and use of the pain killers. If your doctor recommends the reflexology for dealing with signs and symptoms of joint pain, do not ignore it. Let it be your daily routine since it will save you from injections and bitter drugs. The hip joint is also another part that must be used during movement and the point of massage is just below the backbone. You can try it by yourself or rather ask someone else to do it for you. Walking and jogging are other good ways in which you can reduce the hip joint pains. These methods also help to sooth the joints and reduce the pain through allowing formation of reduced cartilage.

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4. Shoulders

This is also another place where movement occurs. This point also has joint pains that occur rapidly but are very severe. Massage is a way of reducing the joint pains and should be done twice a day. Ensure that you follow the procedures given by your doctor to the latter. Reflexology is capable of reducing the shoulder joints pain completely.

5. Ankle

The ankle is the joint connecting the foot and the rest of the leg. It can be very painful if not dealt with medically. Make sure that the reflexology method of massage will help you regain your stable movement. Follow the procedures given to the latter to enable quicker reduction of joint pain.


The above are the 5 most important reflexology points in which the joint pains can be reduced. It is amazing that the same points are the ones prone to the joint pains since this is where the joints are located. These points can also be used to reduce the joint pains as stated above through placing them in a reflex angle. You will be trained on how to perform the exercise without harming the joints or even worsening the condition. Ensure that you follow the instructions properly to avoid missing the mark and also to enable faster reduction of joint pain. This is a form of exercise that if properly done you will be able to avoid drugs and injections. This reflexology has the ability to completely reduce joint pains if done accordingly.