Do you ever feel down and wonder how you can improve your emotional health? If you do, you are definitely not alone. Statistics show that 42.5 million Americans suffer from emotional illnesses every year, such as anxiety and depression. With the demands a rapid paced lifestyle that society places on us, it is no wonder that the stresses of daily life take their toll slowly. Luckily there are many things you can do to boost your mood and feel better emotionally.

Focus on the Positive:

Focusing on the positive aspects of your life, even if you have negative experiences during your day, can really help boost your emotional health. Instead of pointing the blame at others and victimizing yourself, learn from these negative experiences so they do not repeat themselves. There is always something positive to focus on. Find the silver lining in every cloud and stay away from negative people. Have a positive mantra that you can recite daily, such as “Love. Peace. Positivity” to keep you going strong.


Rather than letting something fester in your mind, take action to fix whatever is bothering you. If you are feeling badly that you are overweight, start eating a healthier diet. Plan time to exercise 30 minutes every day. If you’re worried about your relationship, communicate with your partner instead of waiting for it to resolve itself. Instead of putting what is bothering you on the back burner, take action immediately. This will help you to get immediate results which will leave you happier. There is never a better time than the present, and you will boost your emotional health by taking action rather than dwelling in negativity.

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Having a good support group is vital to strong emotional health. Knowing that you have a network you can reach out to can bring you great peace of mind and reduce your anxiety levels. Talk to your friends and family, especially if you are going through a hard time. Have at least two people that you can always count on, and be there for them as well. Instead of retreating when trouble calls, reach out and accept help from them. If you’re still feeling lonely, or if you’re an introvert who prefers spending time alone, consider getting an emotional support dog, like those from USA Service Dogs. Dogs provide constant affection and unconditional love, and can help to boost your mood. They also give you good motivation to get outdoors for a walk or hike.


Find outlets that help you release your stress. For example, if you love singing, sing. If you’ve always wanted to start a garden, do it. Try meditating and writing about the good aspects of your life in a journal that you can revert back to when you’re feeling down. Go for a run to get your adrenaline pumping. Just get up and do something to divert your mind!

Find Your Purpose

Finding your sense of purpose in this life can immensely help you to better your emotional health. Whether it be helping others or even writing fantasy novels, find what you love and are passionate about and go after it. Determine what it is that gives you goosebumps and feed yourself positivity to go after it. Don’t let others or even your own negative voice deter you from going after your true dreams.

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It is perfectly normal to feel down from time to time. However, we discussed many things you can do to help boost your emotional health. This includes focusing on the positive and taking daily actions to fix anything that’s bothering you. Moreover, reaching out to friends to create a good network and developing outlets that relieve tension can boost your emotional health greatly. Finding your sense of purpose, can help you feel better too. You must remember that bettering your emotional health is an ongoing process that takes time. Lifestyle changes take time to implement, and during this process, you should be kind and encouraging to yourself.