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Like most things, skincare is oftentimes easier said than done. As a teen, you’re constantly busy, and oftentimes want nothing more than to go straight to sleep after a long day. After all, surviving high school is hard enough. However, a short and skin regime is extremely important in preventing acne and keeping your skin healthy. A good routine does not require much money and time, but makes a huge difference! The following list includes the dos and don’ts of skincare for teens.

Tip #1: Do wash your face twice a day and when you sweat

You should aim to wash your face at the beginning and end of each day. In the morning, you want to get off any excess oil that built up while you were sleeping, and at night, you want to remove any bacteria or other harmful substances you came into contact with during the day.

Be sure to also wash your face every time you break a sweat to avoid breakouts! Keep in mind that it is possible to “over wash” your face, so be sure that you’re listening to your skin and applying moisturizer each time. If your skin is still constantly red and sensitive, try using a gentler product or using only water in the mornings.

Tip #2: Do stick to a healthy diet and drinks lots of water

Your acne situation may be a reflection of your diet. If you drink soda and eat a lot of processed foods, try taking a hiatus for a couple of weeks and see if you notice any changes in your skin. Eating your fruits and vegetables and drinking water helps to flush out the bad toxins in your body that contribute to breakouts. After all, you are what you eat!

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Tip #3: Don’t pop pimples or pick your acne

We all know just how hard it is to avoid such temptations; however, you must train your mind to avoid popping pimples or picking your acne at all costs! When you pop a pimple, you’re just unleashing the bacteria on the rest of your skin, and it’s likely to come back. If the pimple doesn’t return, it might even leave a scar. Let your pimples go away on their own time to avoid repeat offenders. If you’re really desperate, consider trying an on-the-spot remover.

Tip #4: Don’t be fooled by expensive products

Don’t fall victim to luxury companies’ marketing efforts: you don’t need a $50 face wash solution or a $100 bottle of moisturizer to make your skin glow. In fact, simple is usually better when it comes to skincare. Listen to your skin rather than the price tag, and see what works best for you. If you notice one product dries out your skin and makes it sensitive, try a new product! Everything you need you can probably find at a grocery or drug store. Skin care is lots of trial and error, so remember that just because a product is relatively inexpensive does not mean it’s ineffective!

Tip #5: Don’t get discouraged

Your skin takes awhile to adjust every time you start a new routine. You may not see results for up to three months, which can be incredibly frustrating at times. Be patient and continue to keep up with your regime each day, and you’ll definitely start to notice some changes. Try taking “before” pictures of your skin prior to starting anything new! It’s sometimes hard to see improvements from day-to-day, but when you look back after a few weeks, you’ll notice the transformation!

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Like with any new health process, changes don’t happen overnight. A good skincare routine is a marathon, not a sprint, so don’t expect to see any changes overnight. However, if you keep up with your regimen, you’ll definitely start feeling and looking better before you know it!