5 tricks to reduce belly fat

Visceral fat, commonly known as belly fat, is a common problem with people these days. This problem is rising constantly due to busy lives that are full of stress and no time for a healthy lifestyle. Lives of people, today, are filled with unplanned food, and there is not enough time to exercise to get rid of the toxin and fat. As a result, people, develop the obstinate belly fat.

Reasons for belly fat:

The major cause for fat accumulation in the abdomen or stomach area is the consumption of refined processed carbohydrates. Stress is also a cause of belly fat because, cortisol, a hormone that is secreted during stress, is correlated to the formation of belly fat. Calorie-rich food which has a lower amount of the right type of fat can also be a reason for belly fat. Fast food should be avoided, as they contain trans-fats, which are very unhealthy. Apart from the obvious reasons of the wrong type of food intake, there are other factors that add to this, like sleep deprivation, not eating enough and eating at wrong times, lack of a healthy life with proper exercise etc.

How to reduce belly fat:

While still at the earlier stages, it is possible to reduce belly fat by following some simple and healthy tips. However, it is to be remembered to follow fitness tips as means of prevention against the formation of belly fat, as reducing it can go out of control very easily.

Eating right

The most important thing to remember is to eat right. Food rich in trans-fat, processed carbohydrates and calories should be avoided at all costs. For quick snacks, it is a good idea to eat nuts or fruits like avocado, which are rich in mono-saturated fats. The right kinds of fat like Omega 3’s, which are present in lean meat like salmon, are good for the health. 3700 calorie deficit can lead to a loss of one pound of body fat, so it is important to check the intake of calorie-rich food in the first place. Refined processed carbohydrates need to be replaced with fat-burning proteins. Vitamin C is a good fat burner, as it is used by the body to make carnitine which burns fat and changes it to fuel for the body. Intake of enough spices is also a good thing, as it helps in fats metabolism, bringing over-eating to a check immediately, and also help to keep body sugar level in check.

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Exercising regularly

It is important to find some time to exercise regularly. However, the right kind of exercise is needed. Contrary to popular belief, abdominal crunches and sit-ups are not of any help at all in case of stubborn belly fat. They are only helpful to build strong abdominal muscles. The layer of fat on top can be reduced with resistant training and cardio-vascular exercises, like martial arts, jogging, walking etc., which involve multiple groups of muscles. Planking is a helpful exercise. It is an exercise where one has to hold himself in a push-up position, with the forearms resting on the ground. Trying 3-4 sets of planking can considerably reduce fat.

Sleep well

Stress is not good at all, particularly when it comes to the concern of belly fat. It is important to decompress and have long hours of proper sleep. An adult needs to have at least 7 hours of sleep a day.

Eat on time

though the common belief is that skipping a meal or two will resist the formation of fat, it is a wrong concept. In fact, it can actually lead to the weight gain and belly fat, as the metabolism rate is slowed down. It is important to eat at small intervals to prevent over-eating

Healthy, stress-free lifestyle

it is important to stay motivated to work hard for a healthy lifestyle, in order to reduce belly fat. The right balance of proper diet, good sleep, maintenance of healthy body postures, adopting stress busters like yoga can help.