Good home remedies to remove dark spots

Our skin develops various problems over times and we must find some remedies to overcome them. Our skin is very important asset, and it adds glamour to our beauty. Unless we have a very beautiful skin, we are not perfect and thus all the people associated with the glamour industry take special care to develop and maintain a beautiful skin. Skins are also of various types and textures like oily skin, dry skin or mixed skin and thus the treatments will also be different for them. Moreover, the skin problems also differ from skin to skin.

What are dark spots and its remedies?

The causes of dark spots are various. But vastly it can be concluded that dark spots are mainly formed due to the exposure of skin under the sun for very long periods of time. Due to the sun exposure, it yields more melanin and a protective cover are formed. This again results in the formation of the dark spots on the skin. There are some other reasons, as well. Another reason which can be stated in this regard is due to the formation of pimples on the skin. There are some other reasons, as well. These reasons include due to various skin diseases and rashes which leave a spot on the skin. Thus there can be various reasons for their formation but they can look really bad. There are some very useful home remedies to remove the spots. These remedies include the use of some very basic kitchen ingredients like lemon, honey and so on. Thus you can see that the removal of these spots is quite easy but you have to do them regularly. The remedies are as follows:-

  • Lemon is very famous for its various benefits. Lemon provides an ample amount of vitamin C, which is very effective in removing the black spots. You have to use them regularly at least twice a day. Dab the face with cotton soaked with lemon juice. Lemon when mixed with honey provides very good results. Use them twice a day for two weeks and see the results.
  • Aloe Vera is another ingredient which is very much effective in removing the black spots. Extract the juice from aloe plants and apply it on the black spots on your skin and see the result.
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There are some other ingredients like green tea extract, milk, and potato and so on which are also very effective in removing the black spots.

Acne problems and their remedies

Problems with Acne are a major cause of worry mainly among the teenagers. They occur mainly in the face, chest and the back portion and result in scars. The various remedies are as follows:

  • Cucumber is a very good ingredient to remove pimples. They soothe the area and help in its removal. Put cucumber slices on the skin with pimples for 15 to 20 minutes and afterwards wash it with cold water.
  • The tomato is also very effective in removing pimples. Apply the tomato pulp on the affected area and then remove with tepid water after about one hour.