Wanting to get pregnant can be frustrating, especially when you’re having trouble conceiving. Whether you want to speed the process up or simply learn ways to increase your chances of pregnancy, there are certain lifestyle changes and methods revolving around sex that is often considered when women want to get pregnant. 

While there are practical methods for increasing the probability of pregnancy, some factors you can change or help. When it comes to illnesses and factors like age, it can be difficult to work around it to conceive. Even if you end up pregnant there could still be some issues during your pregnancy or after your child is born. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and process that many women want to experience. Though sometimes it can be stressful trying to get a baby to grow inside your stomach. Here are a few ways to help you get pregnant faster and increase your chances. 

1. Perfect Timing

The timing has to be right for the highest probability of pregnancy. There are things you have to track to make sure you have sex within the right time frame. You want to have sex at the moment within your cycle that you are ovulating the most. Your cycle will help you understand how your body works and when to try to conceive. Irregular cycles can be more difficult to track which makes it harder to know when you are the most fertile. 

Your ovulation usually happens about two weeks before your period and you have around seven days before your ovulation to take advantage of your fertile window. There are kits out there that will help you track your ovulation. They are almost like pregnancy tests and requires you to urinate on testing strips. 

Your basal body temperature is a part of the things you must track. To increase the odds of pregnancy, you want to make sure your body temperature is at normal levels. When you notice a tiny spike in temperature, maybe a half degree, you know it is your fertile window. I wouldn’t solely rely on this method to increase chances of pregnancy because of the many reasons your body temperature may change.

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2.Quit Unhealthy Habits

Stop smoking and drinking to increase the odds of you getting pregnant. You don’t want extra toxins in your body that will affect your reproductive system and more. If you can avoid them completely, try to limit the amount you intake. You want a healthy body for your baby and you can’t provide that if your body is filled with drugs and alcohol. Smoking can lead to deformities when the baby is born and decrease the level of fertility you have. Chemicals found in cigarettes are known to lead to egg depletion. 

Try to limit the amount of caffeine as well. Overall you want a healthy body and any habits that you have that are hindering your health should be stopped. 

3. Healthy Lifestyle

Like we learned before, a healthy body is crucial to increase in the probability of conceiving and how fast it can happen. You want to have a good place for your baby to grow. You want to visit a doctor to see if you have any current health issues that may interfere with your fertilization. It’s important to learn about your family history and your genes to understand what could be passed down to your child or what could hinder you from getting pregnant. 

You want to increase your water intake and focus on a healthier diet. Making sure you’re not overweight or underweight is key, too. If you need to gain or lose a little pounds, it will definitely help with increasing the chances of pregnancy. Also, you should begin taking prenatal vitamins if you are serious about getting pregnant. 


You also want to focus on your partner’s health as well. You’re not the only one partaking in this so you want to ensure their body is just as healthy as yours. You want as many sperm counts as possible and if you both go on the path to a healthier lifestyle then the chances of getting pregnant increases. Male fertility takes a large part of you getting pregnant and it should be taken seriously. 

4. Sex Type and Position

The sex you have is important to conceive. You can’t get pregnant without it. Positions are not necessarily something that affects how soon you get pregnant. In fact, it has no effect on your fertility at all. Though some positions, like missionary and doggy-style, allow the sperm to get closer to the cervix by deeper penetrations. 

It’s important to know that there are many myths about ways to increase chances of getting pregnant and this is one of them. Sex positions should be less about getting pregnant and more about enjoyment. You also want to stay away from lubes as they interfere with the movement of the sperm. Try natural alternatives if you need. 

5. Alternative Fertility Treatments

Alternative Fertility Treatments are an innovative way for women who are having trouble conceiving due to fertilization issues. Some women use this method as a last resort. Usually, doctors require you to keep trying for at least a year before considering fertilization procedures. 

Fertility treatments are an option to increase the chances of getting pregnant. It doesn’t necessarily speed the process up. It can actually take a long while to conceive as you have to go through many consultations and testing before you can even begin the procedure. Even then you aren’t promised a pregnancy. The types of fertilization treatments offered are:

  • Intrauterine Insemination
  • In Vitro Fertilization
  • Ovulation Treatments
  • Male Fertility Treatments