Hair-loss-stress-and-stress-hair-fall-natural-treatment-damage-hair-remedy-massage-Essential-oils5 Women Distressing Emotions Related to Hair Loss

Women who are enchanted to beauty get highly affected from the hair loss, because it serves as a threat to their beauty. Commonly it has been  presumed the men are the only one that suffer from hair loss, but this issue also exists in women as well.  For a women hair loss doesn’t only impact their physical appearance, but it alters their whole life style  which affects them psychologically  and reflect such emotions which are given as follows:

  1. Starts Feeling Old

When a woman sees hair in her comb or shower drain, the first thought that comes to her, she is getting old. The hair loss serves to address  that you are proceeding towards the older age. The young, fresh look is now going to replace with the old one, the beautiful thick lock is going to  turn  gray and thin. When people see us, they mistakenly think that we are old not because of the age but because of the gray hair. A woman wants to be young and beautiful throughout her life, they usually hide their age, but if the thin and gray hair shedding symbols age, what more depressing for a lady than that.

  1. Feel Unsatisfied With the Appearance

The wide parted hair line and receding forehead substantially contribute to change the appearance of a person. The hairs are the most important part which shapes the personality, imagine a bald women, and yes, we know the answer that it is difficult  even to imagine it. Women remain hush about the hair loss, because they consider hair is a beauty and it locks the young look for eternity. It has been seen that women are more concern about the appearance other than men.When they suffered from hair loss, they start feeling insecure about their looks and personality and stress over that how people of the society are going to think about her.  According to Dr Irfan which provides the best  FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad quoted that, whenever a woman came over for the consultation of hair transplant, her attitude shows that she wants to get back the hair at any cost. Because she wants to sustain her  youthful and her natural appearance back.

  1. Feel Unattractive
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Hair gives an appeasing look to one’s attractiveness. When a woman goes from the hair loss condition they start feeling unattractive.

For a woman, her youthful look and attractiveness is everything and she believes that even a society value this.  Women are the one who is famous to spend a huge amount of their money on the things that make them look young and beautiful. When it comes to hair the essential part of their personality they spend a good amount on their hair styling, dying and buying hair care products just to have complete attractive personality.

  1. Low Self Esteem:

Physical beauty serves to strength the self confidence. Research cited that hair loss serves to decrease the level of self confidence and generate shyness and embarrassment in people.

Although there is not any theory present that identify that full hair gives confidence, but according to a survey report, 75% of woman feel uncomfortable and decrease in their self esteem due to the hair loss.

For a woman when they feel beautiful and attractive they naturally get the confidence, but when they are facing any kind of problems such as hair loss which is damaging their personality and their self confidence instantly get shattered.

  1. Feel Depressed and Stress

 Woman due to hair loss develops stress and anxiety, which increases the hair loss more.  Due  to  hair thinning and hair loss, a woman feels that the beauty and an enchanting personality is slipping from their life.

Any kind of hair loss generated stress or anxiety and can cause severe depression  because of the simple fact they don’t  want their self to look aged and  unattractive. Most women start avoiding social interaction and caged their self in their homes because of the thinning and hair fall which makes them more depressed. Those women who have careers where a personality works as an asset in their career growth,  become  extremely depressed due to hair loss.

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The Women are beautiful and no matter what hinders your beauty and you can still look beautiful. The modern technology has reached to the extent where everything is possible; even giving you, your natural hair backs. So don’t worry and consult a doctor if the hair loss is severe and  going out of your hand.