Nusing Careers

In today’s world, the field of nursing is one filled with many exciting opportunities for those entering the field as well as experienced nurses seeking a new specialty. As demand continues to grow for nurses who have a variety of skills and abilities, some specialties within the field have emerged that offer those with additional education and experience the chance to grow professionally.

Forensic Nursing

In this field, nurses spend their time working with law enforcement on death investigations, sexual assaults, child abuse cases, and other matters. A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational requirement, and many nurses who build up experience and a solid reputation within law enforcement often serve as expert witnesses at trials.

Nursing Consultant

Many nurses, after years of working strenuous schedules with few days off, choose to venture out on their own and become nursing consultants. An opportunity for nurses with Master’s degrees and experience in a wide variety of specialties, they work with hospitals to implement procedures to help nurses provide better patient care. In addition, they also work with businesses and provide seminars on CPR and First Aid training, assist colleges with developing nursing curriculums, and are hired by healthcare staffing agencies to help them attract the most talented nurses to their agency.

Nursing Informatics

Combining nursing, information technology, and business management, the field of nursing informatics is growing rapidly. Working with IT designers, these nurses help create new technical tools and equipment to be used in hospitals and physician’s offices. A Master’s degree and many years of experience are usually required to enter this field of nursing, and many nurses today are choosing the online RN to MSN programs.

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Insurance Nursing

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, much more emphasis is being placed on insurance companies to provide excellent service to patients. Nurses who choose to work for insurance companies coordinate educational programs, set up help lines for patients who call in with questions, examine data to spot new trends, and much more. A Bachelor’s degree is required for these jobs, as is extensive experience in nursing supervision and management.

As these specialties demonstrate, today’s nursing field offers those with education and experience the opportunity to put their skills to the test in various situations. Whether acting as a consultant or assisting police with a child abuse case, there are many ways in which nurses can use their skills to make a difference in the lives of others.