If you are an avid vaper and love this healthier alternative to smoking, then chances are, you will try to vape wherever you can. Problem is, there are some places that do not allow vaping in public. In order for you to enjoy your flavored substitute to cigarettes, you should know where you can vape freely without being called out for it.

Vaping is still considered the same as cigarettes, even when these are not, so it is not surprising that vaping is sometimes allowed only in areas where smoking is permitted. You can choose to do this if there is no other alternative, but for those who want to be able to enjoy their e-cigs without having to worry about being told to stop, here are some great places where you can easily enjoy vaping.

Vape lounges – there are quite a few of these popping up everywhere, and you can freely enjoy your flavors in these establishment for a minimal fee. Some of these places even offer a wide variety of e-juice flavors that you can try while you are there, and to share ideas as well as flavor experiences with other vapers. Since vaping is becoming very popular, you can easily find one of these in your neighborhood.

Outdoor coffee shops – some coffee shops do allow vaping within their confines, but majority still lump this with smoking, and so people who vape may only do so in seats that are found outside these establishments. This not a bad thing though, considering that there are more interesting people to see walking by outside than there is inside these cafes.

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In the park – unless you are stopped by a law enforcement officer who tells you that smoking (and by extension, vaping) is not allowed in the park you are relaxing in, you can vape freely in the park. Take your e-cig by the water, sit on a bench, or simply people watch while you puff and squat on the grass in the shade of a tree.

Bars – a lot of bars allow smoking indoors, so it is not surprising that you can also vape here. Simply look for a bar that plays your favorite kind of music, has the kind of crowd you enjoy hanging with, and allows vaping, and you are good to go.

Out camping – ah, what is better than mixing the good old outdoors and your favorite e-juice flavor? Since vaping is generally water vapor, doing this while camping is safe. You not only get to savor the fresh air and the scent of grass and trees while vaping, but you also do so without endangering the flora and the fauna with harmful smoke and the dangers of forest fires brought about by burning embers that come with cigarettes.

At home – like they say, there is no place like home, and home is where you canvape without prejudice, restrictions, or reservations. You can shift from one flavor to another without added cost to you since these are basically already in your flavor collection. You can vape all you want, all day, every day at home, and you can be sure no one will be telling you to stop, not even the people at home, since it is a safer alternative to smoking, smells amazing, and you are doing it in your own abode.

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