This dietary supplement composed of fats derived from palm kernel oil, coconut oil and dairy products has garnered a lot of attention lately as the perfect option for those who wish to hike up their level of endurance while exercising and also fasten up the weight loss process. There lies a wide array of health benefits associated with the use of MCT oil, which is slowly turning into a fitness addict’s favorite. In our today’s article, we shall discuss about its top positivity’s.

  • Potent Energy Source

The Medium Chain Triglyceride acts as a powerful source of fast and sustained energy courtesy its quick absorption and processing in our liver. They do not follow the longer digestive process and moves passively into the liver from the hepatic portal system. They also increase the endurance level, which is an absolute must for a gruelling work out session. Consuming about 1-2 tablespoons of the same about twenty minutes prior to workout churns out ample energy without hiking up the level of blood glucose which other pre-workout supplements rich in sugar usually does.

  • Easy Digestion

Contrary to long chain fats, MCTs can pass into the bloodstream directly from our digestive system and do not require bile salts to complete the digestion drill. This makes MCT the most sought after supplement for people coping with problems in regards to fat absorption and digestive disorders.

  • Hormonal Support

Fats are an absolute must for creation and balance maintenance of hormonal in our body. This makes MCT all the more viable for people suffering from hormone imbalance. Medium chain fats are known to improve insulin sensitivity and help in the maintenance of healthy weight through hormonal balancing.

  • Boosting Up Immunity
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Antibacterial and antiviral properties of MCT help in imparting greater strength of our immunity system. People who face difficulty in absorbing fats and struggle with immune function are left highly benefitted with these healthy fats, which can be used by our body much easily.

  • Maintain Gut Health

Our intestines usually swarm with bacteria. But before you jump off the seat, we would like to enlighten you about the fact that all such bacteria are not bad. Some have a big role to play in maintaining our health quotient. Thus, it is of primary importance to eat food which aid in imparting nutrition required for these healthy bacteria to thrive. The best MCT oils can combat pathogenic bacteria and balance gut bacteria. Their easy utilisation by our body offers the much-needed break to our tired digestive system.

  • Winning The Cholesterol Battle

Supplementing normal oil with MCT leads to a record hike in the level of HDL or good cholesterol in our body by simultaneously reducing LDL or bad cholesterol which is associated with stroke, atherosclerosis and heart diseases.

  • The Feeling Of Satiety

The weight loss regimen becomes easier as consumption of the MCT Oil supplement makes you experience a fuller sensation for longer spans of time, thus prohibiting you from binge eating which is one of the biggest causes of obesity.

  • Betterment Of Memory Prowess

Caprylic acid, a constituent of the MCT oil hikes up the energy production for being used by our brain. Thus, it is only normal if you feel more alert and focused while on MCT oil supplements.

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  • Saying No To Sweet Cravings

Craving for food rich in carbohydrate such as cookies, bread and pizza gets reduced considerably when you start inducing MCT Oil in your normal diet.