You have a decision to make. Now that the Mapleridge dentist in Vaughan has confirmed that your natural teeth have to be extracted, what sort of replacement will you choose? Instead of going with dentures or a series of individual implants, it makes sense to think about the All on four solution. Here are some of the basic facts about this procedure that you should know about now.

Bone Density is Less of an Issue

You’ve heard of people who opted for individual implants, but needed some work done on the gums and bones first. That’s because the bone density was not sufficient to hold the implants in the proper position. If there is some concern about the quality of your bone density, it may be necessary to do some preliminary work.

While it’s true that your bone density still matters if you opt for all on four implants, you may not need any type of reinforcement. That’s because some approaches to this solution involves installing the implants at a slight angle. The density is enough to hold them in place, allowing the dental professional to attached the dental plate and give you a full arch of upper or lower teeth.

The Procedure Can Be Completed Quickly

There’s a reason why some dental clinics describe this implant solution as teeth in a day or teeth in hours. It’s possible to insert the four implants in the upper or lower arch during a single session. Once they are in place, the dentist can attach temporary plates that you will wear until your permanent ones are ready. That will likely mean coming back in a week to have your custom permanent plates attached to the implants.

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What does this mean for you? It’s possible to arrive at the dental clinic first thing in the morning without a single tooth. By lunchtime, you leave with what appears to be a full set of teeth. It’s hard to think of any procedure that would produce faster results.

No Pressing on the Gums

If you are thinking about dentures, remember that they fit over the gums. Even with the use of a dental adhesive to keep them in place and offer a little cushioning, there is still the possibility of irritation. Anyone who has ended up with red, irritated gums and had to go without dentures for a day or two will tell you how inconvenient this sort of thing can be.

As your Mapleridge dentist in Vaughan will explain, the dental plates attached to the implants never rub against the gum. You don’t have to be concerned about irritation or soreness. Once the area around the implants fully heal, it will be easy to forget you have anything but a healthy set of real teeth.

Your Bite Has More Force

The ability to bite and chew is crucial when you consider alternatives to natural teeth. One thing that many people don’t know is that studies indicate that All on Four implants have roughly a 70% greater bite force than dentures. Think of what they means in terms of biting into an apple or chewing on a piece of tender steak. You’ll enjoy your food more and worry about damage to your new teeth a lot less.

Treat Them Like Real Teeth

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When you talk with the Mapleridge dentist in Vaughan about taking care of your implants and plates, expect to be told that your daily process is a lot like taking care of real teeth. Brush after meals, use mouthwash to get rid of more bacteria, and remember to come in for annual exams and a couple of cleanings throughout the year. That’s a much simpler approach that dealing with dentures.

They Really Do Last for Years

With proper care, there’s no reason why the implants and plates that make up the All on Four solution won’t last for decades. You can usually expect around seven years of service from a pair of dentures. Your implants and plates could easily last three or four times that amount. Even if you have some sort of accident that damages a plate, it can be repaired or replaced with relative ease.

Would you like to know more about this implant option? Your dentist is ready to answer any questions that come to mind. Once you learn all there is to know, choosing to schedule an appointment and begin the work will be easy.

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