If you have elderly parents who are in need of a variety of physical services, the normal feeling is to do everything possible to be able to stay in the comfort of one’s own home where they can hopefully lead somewhat of an independent life over and above the needs that home health care can provide.

Compare costs

Even with the cost of having a licensed and experienced person come into your home to do certain basic housekeeping chores and take you to medical and dental appointments, food shopping, other chores, or out for a meal, the cost is nowhere near what has to be paid in a nursing home.


With a limited number of employees to take care of the patients, nursing homes cannot begin to give the personalized attention that a patient much prefers. They can have a “one to one” situation and can have the special and individual home health care that will attend to only their unique needs.

Some Advantages of Home Care

In addition to those already mentioned above, home care also provides more in a companion, which promotes the mental health as well as the physical health of the person. The home care staff member can discuss hobbies and participate in those desired activities with the patient in pursuing them and can read to them or keep them company watching television, etc. Meals can be prepared according to the individual likes and dislikes.

Concentration can be on the exact specific needs of the patient. If there are medical appointments, blood work, or tests that have been ordered, the staff member can take the patient to and from those. Grocery shopping can purchase just the items that the patient wants. Housekeeping chores that the patient can no longer do herself or himself can be attended to by the home care appointee. The home care employee works together with the doctor in all phases and, if needed, can collect and deliver scheduled lab work as well as purchasing necessary supplies.

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Some Disadvantages of Home Care

Usually home care patients cannot financially offer round-the-clock service, and no one knows when the patient may need to be assessed as having to call for medical action. Medications have to be taken at different times of the day, and no one might be there to remind the patient when some of the meds are scheduled. Special appointments have to be made for physical, speech, and occupational therapy that the home care helper is not qualified to give. Either someone else from the agency or a different source has to be hired to take care of those needs.

A home health care provider can give family members details of what is happening and ensure their peace of mind that their loved one is being well taken care of and is personally looked after for the comfort and attention that the patient deserves.