Are you feeling worried about the structure of your upper body and how stronger upper body do you have. Do you want to improve the same only just by following few exercises rather taking any steroid pills? If the answer to both the question is yes, then you are in the right place to put an end to all of your queries. We all know that being a specific physical movement exercises always leave a positive impact on building our physic. The techniques related to upper bodybuilding is not an exception to that rule.

Work out

That’s why we are here going to discuss the top 7 physical exercises which are ready to help you in achieving stronger upper body. Let’s have a quick view of the top 7 upper body building exercises in the following:

  1. Push up: As the first step to perform this exercise, one should stretch his legs in the behind and position both the hands quite wider than the width of the shoulder. Just after bracing the core, lowering the body needs to be done in order to touch the chest to the ground. Keeping the back of the body in completely flat posture, lowering down as well as pressing back up should be done in a cyclic manner. While performing the exercise, you should keep not only both the elbows enough proximal to the torso but also extend the elbows completely.
  2. Flat bench press: Just after lying on a bench, one should hold the bar wider enough than the width of his shoulder. Keeping the abs as well as the glutes tight enough, lowering the bar enough close to the chest is required. At this time, the elbows will slightly be tucked as well as the back of the body will be in arch position. Driving the foot to the floor is needed as soon as the bar touches the body. Adjustment of weight needs to be done separately for every set.
  3. Overhead press: Being included in the list of intensive exercises, grasping the bar which is already set up within the squat cage needs to be done in an efficient manner as the bar gets positioned outside enough the width of the shoulder. Keeping both the arm on the vertical level, lift the bar after taking out the same from the cage. The abs need to be braced while squeezing the bar. Now, the head should be pushed forward and the traps need to be shrugged in order to pass the bar your face.
  4. Inclined bench press: Being quite similar with the flat bench press, in this case the entire exercise is performed while sitting on a bench which is inclined at 35° to 45° angle. Keeping both the hand at the level of the shoulder, the person needs to be laid on the incline bench in order to perform the exercise. The back of the body should be in the arch position which needs to be followed by driving both the feet towards the floor and pressing the weight on the chest.
  5. Bent over row: For performing this exercise, you are independent to choose anything between bar and dumbbells. Just after grasping the bar, bending toward forward direction is required in order to position the torso in a parallel position to the ground. Squeezing both the shoulder blades needs to be followed by rowing the dumbbells to the similar height of the neck. Being completely different from the barbell row exercise, using lesser weight is recommended while performing this one.
  6. Pull-up: As the initial step to perform this exercise, hold the bar firmly either at the width of shoulder or slightly insider than the width of the shoulder in a specified manner that both the palms face the body rather than being in opposite direction. Concentrate all of your energy on the bar and try to pull it up in the specific position where the chin remains in the high level than bar. Using of momentum while lifting the bar is not recommended in order avoiding any kind of injury.
  7. EZ bar curl: Keeping both the palms to the upward direction, firmly hold the EZ bar not keeping the palms wider than the shoulder. Just after bending both the elbows slightly, keep the arms in an extended position. Now, it’s time for curling the bar in upwards direction and remain in the same position for 3 seconds. Then slowly lower the bar down to the ground.
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Apart from performing these exercises, several supplements may contribute a lot in stronger upper body building. You may read review of this supplement online to assess their performance and compare their benefits with the benefits of physical exercise. So what are you thinking as of now? Don’t be late. Perform these exercises on the regular basis and get a strong upper body.