Dental treatments around the globe are becoming quite expensive. However, this price hike affects people from developed countries the most. Most Australians may be able to afford minor dental treatment. However, when it comes to procedures like dental implants, many people cannot afford them. This reason is why many Australians are opting for dental implants in Thailand


Due to the easy access to affordable dentistry, Thailand is now a dental tourism hub. Despite the affordable dentistry, travelling to Thailand is not easy. There are many things to consider, including travel expensive and lodging. This is one of the reasons many people are apprehensive about travelling to Phuket. Rest assured, taking a trip is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to know a few things about getting implants in Phuket and you are good to go.

Why Get Implants?

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing or broken teeth. They are much better than dentures. Implants are quite durable and you cannot tell them apart from your original teeth. Before installing the actual implants, the dentists analyze your existing teeth. The artificial teeth used in implants match perfectly to your original teeth. At an average, implants can easily last twenty years, provided you care for them efficiently. The best part is that if you get the implants from Phuket, you can easily save thousands of dollars per implant.


What Does The Procedure Entail?

Dental implants in Thailand involve two stages. The first stage involves inserting the actual implant into your jawbone. The implants comprise of titanium and the dentist places them right under the gum. Once the dentist inserts the implants, they need to time to heal. The healing process is essential for the implants to bind to the jawbone. Once the implants heal, the second stage involves installing the artificial teeth.


Do You Need Special Care after Surgery?

Dental implants involve an invasive surgery and you will require considerable post-procedure care. Therefore, you should discuss the procedure in detail before opting for the procedure. First, you will need to plan your trip in accordance with the procedure. This is because you will not be able to travel immediately after the surgery. Once you return, you may have to rest for a few days before you resume work. Dental implants in Thailand typically take about six months to heal. So, you will need to take another trip to Phuket for the final stage.


Types of Dental Implants

There are many types of dental implants you can get. This depends on how many teeth you need to replace. If you require a single implant, the dentist will just insert one implant into the jawbone. But if you need to replace an entire section of your teeth, you can opt for all-on-four implants. This procedure involves installing an artificial section of teeth on four implants. You can replace all your teeth on the upper or lower jaw as well. This procedure is all-on-six implants. This procedure involves inserting six implants on which the dentist installs the teeth.


Are The Dentists In Phuket Reliable?

Many people are skeptical about the dental care in Phuket. They believe that the low prices come at the expense of proper care. The dentists in Phuket have the skills and credentials to perform minor and major treatments. They just maintain low overhead costs to keep the prices low. These dentists either studied abroad or from reputed institutes in Thailand. They are as reliable as a local dentist in Australia. Here are a few clinics you should consider for your dental procedure in Thailand:


  • Dental Signature
  • A.B. Dental Care Clinic
  • Smile Signature


Do note that the procedure costs around AUD $5,098 in Australia, while in Thailand, the treatment will set you back by AUD $2,630. In other words, you enjoy savings of over 40%. 


Now that you know all there is about dental implants in Thailand, you can make an informed decision. You can easily set an appointment via Dental Departures.