Considering the rising cost of dentistry in the US and Canada, the best option is to get dental implants in Molar City. Even though these implants are quite cheap, many people do not know much about dentistry in Mexico. This reason is why they are apprehensive to travel for implants. In actual, getting implants in Mexico is as easy as getting them from a local clinic. Here is a look at a few things you should know about getting implants in Mexico:


Staff and Dentists Are Fluent In English

Many people are apprehensive to travel to Mexico because they do not speak the local languages. However, you do not worry about this issue. Mexico is a dental tourism hub and they receive thousands of patients from the US and Canada. Therefore, the dentists and the staff are fluent in English.

Facilities Offer a Wide Range of Procedures

Dentists in Mexico acquire their credentials from reputed universities in the country. Many of the dentists studied abroad and later returned to practice in Mexico. They are aware of the international standards of dentistry and perform the procedures accordingly. The clinics they operate have the latest equipment. Here are a few reputed facilities you should consider:


  • Confident Smile Studio
  • Best Dentist Mexico
  • Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales


They usually have a specialist on their team for complicated procedures, such as implants. Some clinics have special facilities just for these procedures. Each of the clinics maintains impeccable hygiene. Rest assured, they are more than capable to perform dental implants in Molar City.

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Best Way to Travel to Mexico

Since Mexico is a dental tourism hub, you can easily find cheap travel options. If you live close to the border, driving across the border will prove more convenient. Bear in mind that your car insurance is not valid in Mexico. Therefore, park your car at the border overnight. In Yuma, Arizona, parking your car overnight will cost $16.


The shuttle service connects to several cities, including Los Algodones. Once you are in Molar City, finding cheap accommodation is easy. Since the city receives many tourists, you will find a wide range of options. If you book accommodation in advance, you can find lodging close to the clinic you select.


About The Dental Implant Procedure

The procedure comprises of two steps. Initially, the dentist will just install the implants. The dentist inserts the implants under the gum, in the jawbone. The implants require some time to heal. Once the implants heal, the dentist can install the artificial teeth.


Are Dental Implants A Better Option?

If you have missing or broken teeth, dental implants in Molar City are the best option. Implants are really durable and can last up to twenty years, with proper care. The best part is that they look like natural teeth. The dentist makes these teeth custom, to match the shape and color of your original teeth.


How to Plan Your Trip for Implants

Before you travel to Mexico, you should discuss the procedure in detail with your dentist. Firstly, you will not be able to travel immediately after the procedure. Implants are a complicated procedure and you will need a few days to rest. It will also help to find accommodation close to the clinic.

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Even once you return home, you will need to take a lot of precautions for a few months. Due to the invasive nature of the procedure, you may need to take a few days off work. The implants require about six months for healing before the dentist can install the artificial teeth. So, you will need to take two trips across the border.


Thanks to the significant savings you enjoy, making two trips will not prove a challenge. The procedure costs USD $3,900 /CAD $5,000 in the US and Canada. In comparison, you can get implants for just USD $1,250 / CAD $1,700 in Mexico. 


Now that you know all about dental implants in Molar City, you can make your travel arrangements. For more information about dentists in Mexico and for an appointment, just check out Dental Departures.