Butt Craving creams

Glancing over the magazines, is an entertaining activity till the time we don’t compare ourselves with the models featuring in those magazines. Comparison does no good, rather makes one realise the shortcomings. Kim Kardashian is famous for her round, attractive and seductive butt. Most teenagers are craving for such butt. Exploring all options that are pocket friendly and easy to do. Butt enhancement Creams have topped the charts as they are used by  majority of consumers who are seeking butt enhancement.

But the main question still remains answered, do these creams really work or not?

Butt enhancement creams are not capable of toning one’s body but they are capable of creating an illusion in which one posses a perfect butt. The concept behind this theory is that plumping the skin will make it look firmer and smoother. If you have cellulite on your body, it will form lumps kind of over the body hence making it look uneven. These creams help in plumping, and making the skin look smooth.

To have effects that will last a lifetime is a long process. To remove the fat, one has to reach the lower epidermis and then build collagen. Collagen production can be done by retinols and retinoids, but it is an expensive process. Hence, retinols and retinoids are found in creams. Another element that helps in increasing collagen, are dimethylaminoethanol and topical peptides. But if you can afford to buy all these products, it again won’t be a good option. Skin on the body is very thick and these products will not bring an early change.

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Creams are available with different ingredients like menthol, mint or caffeine. Application of such creams provides you a cooling sensation. Caffeine has the quality to reach the inner skin and increases the level of microcirculation. As a result the accumulation of fat decreases. Whereas menthol and mint have cooling qualities. Their application, increases the blood flow in that particular area, making the skin look plumper and smooth. But all these elements, caffeine, menthol have a temporary effect. They work for a short period of time and their effect vanishes once their use has been stopped. They work only when the skin is rubbed with such solutions, leading to increased microcirculation. Cellulite appears to have firmed or smoothened, but these creams do not offer any long term benefit.

It is better to buy creams which contain moisturizing element else the skin will turn rough. Some ingredients that can provide moisturizing are petrolatum, dimethicone and glycerin. Creams can be applied for temporary results but they can never be treated as the best solution for a perfect butt.