Wedding is a great occasion and every bride tries to plan all aspects of the wedding and expects it to be perfect. The bridesmaid are her companion and the amount of emphasis she gives to her dress should be equal to the emphasis given to the dresses and grooming of the bridesmaids.

It is essential for the bridesmaids to compliment the appearance of the bride, as they add glamour to the wedding. They are part of the center of attraction along with the bride and the groom.

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The dresses of the bridesmaids are generally suggested by the professional designers, who select the dress for the bride. However, they do not pay much heed to the jewelry wore by the brides maids. It is a common observation that the final appearance suffers, because of a poor jewelry selection.

Here is a guide on how to buy bridesmaids jewelry sets based on the neckline of the dress worn by the bridesmaids.


The most suitable jewelry options are pearls and Dainty earrings. These add a sophisticated look to the bridesmaids, and have a very clean appearance. As the neck is partially open, there is a little space so one should always choose a small set.

One should never wear a large necklace or a V-Shaped necklace as there is not enough room for the set to take its place and give an attractive look.

Over one shoulder

When the bridesmaid wears an over the shoulder dress, their hairs become the center of attraction. For such bridesmaids, hair Jewelry is essential and bracelets and earrings can add glamour to their appearance. The only thing that will make it worse are necklaces, one should never wear a necklace with an over one shoulder dresses as there is no symmetry.

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Halter or reverse halter

If your bridesmaids want to wear large jewelry, then this is the perfect neckline option for them. Along with large necklaces, one can wear bangle bracelets and large dangling earrings. One should avoid wearing Hoop earrings and thin chains with these dresses as there is enough space for a large set.


Choker with matching earrings, pearls and thin chain necklace are the most suitable pieces of jewelry for these dresses. One should avoid wearing large dangling earrings, long necklaces and thick chains. The look can be improvised by choosing a suitable hair accessory. Anything large will spoil the looks in this design.

Sweetheart or strapless

Elegant Chandelier earrings, Vintage Jewelry and antique hair barrettes are the essential pieces that make this look a perfect vintage and royal look. One should prefer to wear small sized ornaments but not too small. Large necklaces, very small earrings and loud color jewelry are the spoilers in this royal look.

One should strictly follow the jewelry selection based on the neckline. It adds glamour to the wedding and you will notice it when you will see the pictures years after the wedding. One should pay equal attention to hairs, and wrists while accessorizing the neck to have a perfect look for the bridesmaids.