Migraines are something that effect millions of people across the globe. Anyone who has ever had a migraine knows that these are well beyond simple “bad headaches.” A migraine is often debilitating and effects far more than just our cranial discomfort.

migrainesThere is a lot that we still need to learn about the cause, nature, and effective treatment of migraines, but as our understanding of the body, the complex interactions between our body and the environment, and we better learn how to test potential connections and correlations, we obtain more information that can help relieve those who suffer from these headaches.

A migraine, as noted above, is not a simple headache. It is an all-encompassing, horrible pain that effects your head and often even your gastrointestinal tract. Many people who suffer from migraines report associated nausea and vomiting, and also an inability to eat or hold down food. Many people who suffer from migraines also report severe sensitivity to light and sound.

This means that, while suffering from a migraine, many people cannot hold down food, they get physically ill, and they have to shut themselves away in a quiet, dark room. These headaches often don’t go away very quickly either. Many people who suffer from headache and migraines report that they last hours and sometimes even days. This level of suffering is hard to imagine and very hard to endure. Especially since so much about migraines is still a mystery.

A migraine is much more than a severe headache. Those who suffer from migraines also often find themselves nauseous and unable to keep food down. Many also experience extreme sensitivity to light and sound. These things in combination can make it incredibly difficult for the person suffering from the affliction to go about their normal activities of daily life.

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The evidence seems to show that women are much more likely to suffer from migraine headaches than a man is. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that many women suffer from what are referred to as menstrual migraines. These are migraines that occur as a result of the hormonal changes that a woman goes through during her monthly menstrual cycle.

Many other types of migraines are not accounted for. However, there is a lot of mystery that still surrounds the cause of migraines to begin with. One surprising factor we have found associated with migraines is food allergies.

It might not seem related, but it appears that unknown food allergies may actually be the culprit behind many of the migraines that are suffered everyday. Many food allergies are mild and thus are not severe enough to cause problems leading to identification. This means many people go through their whole lives with allergies that they don’t know they have, suffering minor complications that are actually the result of the allergy.

Food sensitivities actually afflict millions of people around the world and are the cause of much gastrointestinal discomfort and other ailments. Sensitivities to things like caffeine, dairy, wheat, sugar, and corn are well-known food allergies that have been associated with suffering from migraines. These are the most common food allergies, but there are many mild food allergies that are suspected as being the cause of many people’s migraine headaches.

Mild food allergies can be incredibly difficult to diagnose and it takes more than a regular allergy test to detect minor food allergies that may cause physical issues like migraines. The sensitive ELISA Food Allergy Panel is a blood test that can indicate over 100 different minor food allergies.

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When the allergen is pinpointed, cessation of food and beverages containing said ingredient are often enough to rid the person of migraine headaches dramatically, if not entirely. Simply cutting the allergen from the diet is a fast, easy and effective way to get rid of allergy-induced migraine headaches for good.

For a long time, much about the causes and treatment of migraines was a mystery. We have found some medications that are effective in treating migraine headaches for some people, but these drugs don’t work for everyone and they do come with a number of potentially dangerous side effects. This means that for years, most people have just had to suffer and endure these seemingly mysterious headaches without relief.

As we have learned more about the connections between diet, environment, and certain ailments like migraines, we have found surprising results. Certain food allergies may often be the culprit behind migraines. The specific food allergy reaction in an individual will depend on the severity and type of allergy. Undergoing an extensive battery of allergen tests that are used to determine the presence of food allergies can help determine the exact source of your problems. For most people, simply avoiding the offending food is enough to obtain relief from these otherwise debilitating headaches.