After 9 months of perseverance, a life comes into this world. the baby is very small, frail and weak even to move around in its first few months. This time period is crucial for the growth and development of the baby and at the same time requires all the nourishment and care it can get.

Take Care of Your Baby

There are lots of confusion, questions and apprehension among the parents on how to take care of the newborn.

These 5 easy steps will help even the most nervous parents on how to take care of their baby and with what.

1. Consulting with Experts

After the birth of the baby the schedule becomes very tense and hectic for the parents. It is a very new experience for the parents and demands proper consultation and help. Child specialists, experts provide the professional help one needs. Even nurses and doctors are very helpful in post pregnancy period.

2. Vaccination

A newborn is very much vulnerable to the outside threats of the world mostly to germs and bacteria. Its immune system is too fragile to stop disease-causing agents. These vaccines not only protect the bay from immediate diseases but also from future threats of viruses. HepA, HepB, DTaP, MMR and others are some of the vaccinations prescribed to infants.

3. Pillows and sheets

To take proper care of the newborn different types of pillows and sheets are prescribed. Pregnant women need different kind of pillows than normal ones. One of them is the pregnancy pillow made in a cushioned position for accommodation of the mother in the best sleeping position is its sole purpose.

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For post pregnancy nursing pillows are used to feed and hold the baby. As the mother is weak she needs support to breastfeed the baby and it in turn needs a soft surface to help latch. Nursing pillows therefore are of great help.

Sheets are also an important part of a baby’s care and there is also great variance. The most commonly used sheets for this purpose is the moses blanket sheet. it is basically the blanket used to keep the baby in a Moses basket. A moses basket is a portable basket made of soft sheets of wood woven together. The sheets used are mostly made of soft material to keep balanced conditions and also to keep the baby dry.

4. Food

Babies need a lot of food for their growth. The food for first few months remain breastmilk as it contains the nutrition it needs. In later stages it can be bottlefed. If babyfood is given to the baby it must be stored in sterilized containers to avoid any and all kinds of germ intake.

As the baby grows, slowly mashed vegetables and fruit juices can be introduced but only in limited quantity. The baby must be kept upright while feeding so it gets a comfortable position to eat and avoid choking of any kind.

5. Safety and security

A newborn is vulnerable to any and all kinds of threat in the outside world. A slight shake or fall can have damaging effects on it. Its safety and security therefore is very important. Supporting the baby physically and mentally is the first priority of the parents.

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Swaddling, avoiding loud noise and bright lights, massaging are effective ways to start the basic care of the baby. Supporting the baby’s head and back is very important always specially while gently patting the back or holding it. An infant must never be left alone, it should be looked after at all the times. It’s food, clothes, sheets, diapers must not be kept dirty or stale.

Post pregnancy are testing times for all the parents but with proper guidance and care the journey of raising your baby will become smoother. Good food, pillows, vaccinations are some of the things which will help you in this journey.