Are you an Emotional Mess How to Naturally Adopt a Positive State of Mind

A major key to success — whether in business or in life — is a positive attitude. Dwelling on negative thoughts rarely bears fruit. In fact, it can make emotionally sick. Choosing to stay positive can enhance your health, work and life.

According to studies, optimistic people are healthier than pessimists. They also live longer. In 2010, researchers studied the impact of optimism on health and well-being. The optimists had better results when it came to pain tolerance, disease survival and overall longevity.

Optimists also fare better than pessimists in work and relationships. They experience less depression, earned more money and have happier marriages. Since they do not give up as easily as pessimists, they are also more likely to achieve success.

Are you an emotional mess? Is anxiety, depression, fatigue or stress taking a toll on your physical health, work performance or close relationships? Here are 5 ways to naturally adopt a positive state of mind and enhance your quality of life.

1. Find Your Joy

Maya Angelou, the American author and civil rights activist, said, “We need joy as we need air.” Joy is fundamental to your well-being, and it greatly affects your outlook. Have you explored the joy in your life?

Reflect on the things that make you happy; then, follow your inner compass and do what you love. This is a good first step to adopt a positive state of mind. It will fuel you and help you live a purposeful life.

2. Manage Your Stress

Everyone deals with stress but, according to the American Psychological Association, millennials have it worse than other generations. How you carry stress can “make or break” you, so it is important to manage it effectively. Some people turn to exercise or reading; others listen to music or find a hobby.

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Essential oils, aromatic oils extracted from plants, are also effective stress relievers.

3. Stay the Course

Earl Nightingale, an American radio personality in the 1950s, said, “People succeed because they know where they are going.” Know where you are going — in your career, relationships or life — and then, stay the course. This requires a positive attitude.

Since motivation is related to emotion, it can be hard to stay the course when you are stressed or depressed. Believe in yourself, and remember that “the light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps” according to Thomas Edison. Remind yourself that success is a marathon and not a sprint.

4. Prepare for Anything

“Apparently, there is nothing that cannot happen today,” said Samuel Langhorne Clemons, better known as Mark Twain. The American author’s remark is as true today as it was in his 19th century world. No one can predict life, and bad things happen sometimes.

On the other hand, good things happen too. Life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it. Be mentally prepared for the bad things in life and ready to embrace the good things. Enjoy your experiences, or learn from them and move on.

5. Build Your Network

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” said Jim Rohn, an American motivational speaker. He believed that people are shaped by the company they keep. Optimists can help you naturally adopt a positive state of mind.

Develop a network of confidants — friends, colleagues and career or life coaches — who bring out the best in you. Curate your network to build your circle of positive thinkers and weed out the pessimists. Over time, you will gain a fresh perspective and healthier outlook.

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Closing Thoughts

A positive attitude can seem unnatural when your emotions are a mess. However, your quality of life suffers when you become mentally entangled with negative thoughts and pessimistic people. Your attitude impacts your success and well-being, so make it a priority. The above tips are natural ways to achieve a positive outlook over time.