An honest conversation might not be the first thing you think about when going to a gynecologist, but it is crucial to having the best Suncoast Women’s Care experience. For many, it might come from embarrassment, others could be nervous about providing certain details of their lives, either way, keeping an honest and open line of communication should be one of your biggest priorities when it comes to medical care.

Something Doesn’t Smell Right

It’s understandable that many patients want to hide a foul smelling odor emanating from their vagina or external region surrounding the vagina. After all, this can be an embarrassing subject to tackle, even with a gynecologist. Those suffering from this issue shouldn’t be afraid to talk with their gynecologist about the causes as well as solutions. Think about it like this, the odor could be keeping you from everyday activities like going out with friends or enjoying a swim at your favorite pool. More importantly, the effects can also inhibit sexual activity as you limit the amount of contact with your partner out of embarrassment. A common cause for these odors and smells are infections. Yeast infections are a top ailment to cause these issues; it can be easily treated with the right medications in addition to a care regimen.

Problems During Or After Sex

Sex is something that many patients want to avoid talking about with their gynecologists, even if an open conversation could improve their sexual health. Pain during sex leads many to stop the activity altogether and can create problems in otherwise healthy relationships. An honest conversation with your doctor may lead to the answers you seek as well as a return to your previously healthy love life. The cause of painful sex often comes from vaginal issues, especially dryness. Getting to the heart of the problem could mean lubricants added before sex or medications that help to address dryness at all times. There are pros and cons too that a doctor can help you work through while putting together the best courses of treatment. One of the other issues may stem from the body itself and its comfort in certain positions or movements. If after a full exam the doctor finds no issues, it is important to talk it through with a medical provider to get a full picture of what else could be the problem.

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Leaks happen to women of all ages and for a variety of reasons. It is also one of the most untalked about subjects when it comes to gynecologists. As many women struggle with the problem by hiding it beneath pads and special underwear, the actual cause might be treatable with the proper guidance. More than anything, it might also signal another issue that could require a doctor’s care. In some cases, the overactive bladder or leakage might require surgical methods to fix the issue. While it might not completely go away, the open and truthful exchange with a provider can help you feel better about the results and remove some of the stigmas you might feel about the issue.