If you have ever been in an auto accident, then you are among millions of people who have encountered the same fate. Depending on how severe an accident is, you can sustain either minor or severe injuries to any body part or internal organs. In case of a Colonia auto accident, you should count yourself lucky because, at SamWell Institute for pain management, Dr. Jay M. Shah helps patients around Colonia, New Jersey to manage all types of pain from the sustained injuries.

Some severe injuries can have a significant impact on your life because they can result in physical disabilities. Others may not be that serious, and they are treated and left to heal within days. Here are the most common types of car injuries that passengers and drivers sustain after an auto accident.

Cuts and Scrapes

Objects belonging to passengers like mobile phones, spectacles, mugs, books, and purses are set in motion when a car is involved in an accident. When these objects hit you, you can end up having cuts on the skin. The speeds at which the objects fly determine how deep the wound is. In many situations, the scrapes and cuts are considered minor and can be treated at home. However, some can result in profuse bleeding and require stitching.

Neck and Chest Injuries

When your car is hit from the back, your neck and head tend to dart, thus causing a whiplash injury. Injuries differ from one patient to another, depending on the patient’s health and the nature of the accident. Other common injuries to the neck include vocal cord paralysis, pain, and swelling.
When an accident occurs, your chest experiences blunt trauma that results in collapsed lungs and broken ribs. Other severe conditions that require you to seek immediate medication are bleeding and cardiac arrest for people with different heart conditions. You can also sustain serious injuries in the abdomen and the pelvis.

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Scarring and Disfigurement

The most common causes of scarring and disfigurement in a car accident include cuts from broken glass, burns, and chemical spills. A scarred face can have adverse effects on your confidence because it can cause you to have low self–esteem.

Scarring can cause critical damages to your nerves too. Treating scars is expensive because it is done by a specialized burn doctor, or via plastic surgery.

Traumatic Stress Disorder

Auto accidents cause not only physical injuries but also mental and emotional disorders. After you get involved in an accident, you may no longer be able to follow your daily routine. These results in stress, and you may need help from a counselor.

Back Pain

Experiencing severe pains on the lower parts of your back is very common among people who have been involved in an accident. To deal with such a problem, you must seek professional treatment and rehabilitation.

Your doctor should examine you properly to choose the procedure that best suits you. Back pain can be an indicator of other serious problems, so your doctor must conduct a proper examination.

There are those factors that determine the severity and the type of injury you sustain after a car accident. These factors include the vehicle’s speed at the time of the accident, whether the car had airbags or not, and whether you were wearing a safety belt or not.