Back pain is the biggest complaint among pregnant women. It comes at no surprise considering how many changes that the body goes through to accommodate the going baby. Relief is hard to come by because drugs are considered harmful. There are, however, options that allow some relief without causing complications in the pregnancy. Keep in mind that not techniques work for every woman every time. The key is to experiment until you find the perfect combination.

How To Deal With Back Pain During Pregnancy

Sleeping Positions

There are many speculations about why pregnant women have trouble sleeping, one of which is that the body is getting adjusted to running on little sleep in preparation of having a newborn. The back is the one part of the body that seems to suffer the most from an inadequate sleeping position. While it is true that you can’t lie flat on your back, you can get a pregnancy pillow. A pregnancy pillow will give your back the support that it needs to relax.  The u-shaped design enables you to lie on your left side while it supports the muscles in the back. This may help the mother to get more rest, which will relieve the stress on your back.

By placing a pillow between the knees when sleeping will also allow the spine to adjust naturally. The pressure of the growing uterus is not completely supported by the back this way. It keeps the strain off your back and a hip while sleeping, this, in turn, relieves the aches during the day.

Wardrobe Additions

The growing uterus causes the spine to bend uncomfortably in order to support the extra weight on the front. The curvature of the spine is uncomfortable, especially if you are on your feet a lot. You can purchase a maternity belt to help the body to support the extra weight. A maternity belt is worn under the belly, supporting it by holding it up slightly. Most maternity belts are completely adjustable with the use of Velcro.

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The feet may swell during pregnancy. This swelling causes the back to become unaligned as it tries to adjust to the unbalance. By using shoe inserts the back becomes realigned and it eases the pain associated with the swelling of the feet. The added benefit is that it also eases foot pain.

Simple Changes in Diet

There are some instances where the diet of the pregnant woman is what causes the discomfort in the back. For example, if the woman is dehydrated it can cause muscle tightness which results in back pain. By drinking adequate amounts of water you can relieve dehydration. Coconut water provides the body with electrolytes and can, in some cases, provide rehydration quicker. Fruits can contain high amounts of water and a balanced diet can prevent dehydration.

Constipation can cause bowel distension; this will make the back hurt. Treating constipation can be tricky. It requires balancing foods that will help to relieve the symptoms without causing new ones, such as cramps. Cramps at the end of pregnancy can trigger labor. Foods high in fiber, such as oatmeal, can help to prevent constipation. Prunes, apple juice, and grape juice can help to treat constipation naturally, usually without causing cramps.

When all else fails

Some doctors will recommend scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor or an acupuncturist. These are both safe in pregnancy if you find one that is trained in prenatal techniques. Be sure to clarify that the patient is pregnant before booking because sometimes they will have designated rooms or tools for expecting moms.

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Prenatal Yoga is an excellent way to stretch the muscles that are strained and achy. Many gyms will offer prenatal Yoga classes. There are also many Yoga poses that can be modified for the pregnant body. Never do anything that is uncomfortable or stressful. Always stay within the body’s comfort level in terms of movement. A pregnant woman should always be aware of the body’s limits and stay within them in order to ensure the safety of her unborn child.

When it has come to the point that nothing is working, go for a little bit of pampering. Take an afternoon off. Relax in the bath, with some peppermint oil. Get a massage with lavender oil. Both peppermint and lavender can relax sore muscles. Lying on your left side will relieve the pressure off your back, so have a movie night with some friends. You will be surprised at how much better your feel. As long as the doctor approves of the techniques, it is worth a try. Diet, exercise, relaxation, additions to the wardrobe, and getting professional help are all great ways to alleviate the temporary backaches that come with pregnancy. Overall, pregnancy is temporary. The symptoms that a mom accrues during the time that she is pregnant are temporary also. Keeping that in mind may be all a mother needs to endure the back pain.