It is swim suit season. No one wants to have any imperfections when they are wearing a swim suit. The problem is, a large majority of women do in fact have cellulite, mainly on our thighs, bum and midsection, myself included. Since I will be visiting a friend down the shore soon, I figured I would look into ways of getting rid of my cellulite, in particular, on my thighs. After much research, this is how I decided I would beat my cellulite. Are you in for the challenge?

You need to eat a healthy diet

This is basically high protein and high fiber, and low in sodium. Think farm fresh salads with lettuce, avocado, nuts, tomatoes and grilled chicken as a meal. Stay away from salad dressings with large amounts of salt in them. It appears that sodium increases swelling in your cellulite causing it to be more noticeable. When looking at cereals, make sure they are whole grain, or whole bran and then look at the sodium content. We do not want to hold water weight; we want to reduce it.

Cellulite creams are great

One of my favorites is by Nexium. My particular favorite is a serum, but there are also plenty of creams. Your cellulite will become smoother and less noticeable since it is created to make your skin firmer. Many creams and serums contain caffeine which will cause the skin to tighten. Remember, this is only a quick fix. Once the serum wears off, you need to reapply.

Exercising regularly

What do you believe cellulite is made of? Well will you be surprised if I said fat? Probably not. This is why it is important to exercise to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cardio and weights are a must. Think doing plenty of lunges and squats to reduce the appearance of cellulite in your thighs. The more you do these exercises, the less noticeable your cellulite will be. The less frequently you exercise, the more noticeable your cellulite will be. Think about it.

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How about a massage

I’m not talking about going to a luxury spa, although that would be nice. All you need to do is purchase a massage bar from bliss. It has these amazing nubs on it that stimulate your fat cells when massaged over your cellulite. This, along with exercise and a healthy diet will help to break down the fat cells that are built up in your cellulite. Your skin will also feel smoother. Be sure to apply your top cellulite cream on afterwards for best results.

My favorite way to get rid of cellulite? Exfoliating

Not only does exfoliating get rid of dead skin cells, it also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite on your thighs. I always look for an exfoliator with caffeine in them. There are some great coffee scrubs available. These will tighten your skin and moisturize them with almond oil. You will be smelling great too.

Clothing. Great clothing can camouflage your imperfections

If you want to look great at the gym, stay away from the spandex. You want to instead wear compression leggings. Do not think of these as defeat; think of them as a device you wear while trying to beat the cellulite. If you wear spandex, then you are introducing your cellulite to the world since it shows every flaw and dimple.

Ever think of going tanning?

I lived in a very rainy environment before, so I know the importance of the sun’s rays and how it makes you feel. Artificial rays can also make you feel good, and best of all, the tanner you are, the less visible your cellulite is. If you do not want to use a sunbed, then use a self-tanning lotion. Same affect, but zero chance of skin cancer. I like the tanning bed so I can feel the heat on my skin. I suppose it is a thing you miss when living in Scotland.

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When all else fails, the last thing I can recommend is a treatment in a dermatologist office. They have special devices that can get rid of your troubled areas such as your thighs and stomach. If you are wondering if this is safe, I can assure you it is. The FDA has stamped their seal of approval on the shockwave therapy, but your wallet may not like the aftershock of the treatment therapy. A visit can cost between $200 to $300. You will see results after one treatment, but of course they recommend you do a series of 5 for maximum results. If you have the bank account for it, I say this is your best option. Otherwise, watch your diet and exercise. It is the poor woman’s way to less visible cellulite.