Everyone wants to have a beautiful skin. However, most people make mistakes that cost them their beautiful skins. From lack of proper knowledge on how to take care of the skin, to sunscreen mistakes, skin care mistakes are endless. To ensure you avoid these mistakes and have a beautiful skin this summer, here are some important tips to remember as well as some sunscreen errors to avoid.

1. Not using enough sunscreen

Most people make summer sunscreen mistakes that end up costing them dearly. In most cases, they make these mistakes unknowingly. For instance, most people don’t have the idea on the right amount of sunscreen they should apply on their body. Experts recommend around ounce or an amount that can fill a single shot glass. In addition, it is important to re-apply after swimming or a lot of sweating to ensure that you are 100% sun protected.

2. Using old sunscreen bottles

This is another summer sunscreen mistake made by many people. A considerable number of people assume that an old sunscreen bottle they used some years ago can still offer sun protection. This is a misconception that should be avoided at all costs. If you have a sunscreen bottle that you used some years ago, please don’t use it this summer. This is because the ingredients used in the manufacture of sunscreens tend to become inactive as time goes by. For this reason, old sunscreens are ineffective and should never be used for sun protection purposes.

3. Not giving your sunscreen sufficient time to be absorbed

Once you have applied sunscreen on your skin, it is advisable to give it sufficient time for it to be absorbed by the body. Most people make summer sunscreen mistakes of swimming immediately or heading outdoors after they have applied sunscreen on their skin. This is a terrible mistake that should be avoided. Consider giving your skin sufficient time after applying sunscreen to absorb sunscreen’s active ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Usually, wait for about 30 minutes after you have applied sunscreen before heading out.

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4. Failing to protect the lips

Most people apply sunscreen on their bodies, but forget to protect their lips as well. Others assume that their lips will be just fine without sunscreen protection. Just like any other part of the body, the lips need to be protected from sunlight as well. The harmful UV rays from the sun can cause adverse effects on your lips if you don’t protect them. Consider buying lip balm that offers SPF protection. In case you take part in water activities such as swimming, consider buying a lip balm that is water resistant and has a SPF of 15.

5. Missing the important areas

In most cases, people assume that they have effectively covered all their body parts with sunscreen. However, this is usually not the case and they might end up missing a few parts here and there. Some of the most missed areas include toes, ears, neckline and collarbone. If these areas are not covered, they can be burnt by the sun. In addition, not covering the important areas can increase skin cancer risk.

6. Failing to properly spread the sunscreen spray

Another common sunscreen protection mistake is failure by most people to spread sunscreen spray. Usually, sunscreen spray needs to be spread across the entire body surface by effective rubbing. This ensures that the spray is evenly distributed throughout your body reducing the possibility of sunburn. If you fail to spread your sunscreen spray, you might end up having areas that don’t have sufficient coverage and this increases the risk of cancer.

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7. Failing to utilize the SPF contained in skincare products

Most people don’t understand the importance of SPF found in most skincare products. This means that they don’t put SPF into consideration when using their skincare products. It is prudent to bear in mind that, SPF together with your sunscreen are designed to make sure that you are effectively protected from sunburns. Consider checking whether the sunscreen you use offers SPF protection. Note that, most moisturizer versions offer SPF protection of up-to 30. It is always advisable to use skincare makeup and products that provide SPF protection.

8. Failing to use their sunscreens during cloudy days

During cloudy days, UV rays can as well get to your skin and cause damages. For this reason, consider applying your sunscreen all the time not forgetting cloudy days. In addition, make sure you apply your sunscreen on body parts that have been covered by clothes. Most sunscreen protection mistakes can be avoided if proper sunscreen protection is observed.


Sunscreen protection is important because it reduces the risk of getting skin cancer. Usually, this condition is caused by sunburns from sunlight’s UV rays. Consider observing these sunscreen protection tips to stay safe this summer.