Let’s talk about a drink that you may even drink regularly, and you surely do not know all its qualities. Yes, it is black tea. It is a millenary drink, from China, which managed to take root in countries like India and England and then other parts of the world. It is currently one of the most consumed items in the world. Healing, relaxing, calming and inspiring properties are the attributed of tea for thousands of years.

Above all, what are really the benefits that tea brings to our body? We have the answers to all your questions.

Common tea assumptions

Black tea is not only popular because it tastes good as a drink. It is even said to have health benefits that may boost you. Therefore, it is recommended by most of the herbalist to add tea in your diet for many health reasons. The tea contains caffeine, which makes tea a popular “boost-me-up” for health-conscious people. Fortunately, the tea looks much milder than would be the case with coffee. The tea looks slower and gentler. Nevertheless, the caffeine content of black tea can vanish sleep.

After all, this tea is so strong that a cup from the morning can still be felt in the afternoon. Teas from different areas work approximately the same. Black tea is probably so popular because it stimulates the concentration comfortably and makes the nerves react less than a cup of coffee.

Healthy aspects of tea

In laboratory tests, the black tea was broken down into its ingredients. Black tea is even very rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper, iron, phosphate, vitamins B1 and B2, and fluorine. Black tea seems to be a real treat for the body. Although tea does not contain these substances in really large proportions, drinking tea contributes to a healthy diet.

Cultivation of black tea

The tea plant is called camellia sinensis. It is the most common tea plant. Of course, there are also other plants, such as the camellia japonica, but the market focuses on this plant. The leaves are processed in such different ways that they are also used to process green tea. Due to the large areas under cultivation that supply globally, tea is often sprayed with the chemicals against pests. In Asia and especially in the provinces of China, very harmful chemicals are still used. For this reason, it makes sense only to drink tea in organic quality.

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Is black tea unhealthy?

Black tea is already available at a low price in stores. If customers buy the tea from whole leaves and not just broken tea leaves, it costs a lot of money. Despite the high prices, customers do not get this tea in organic quality, but with harmful chemicals.

If customers really want to benefit from the tea varieties, this can really only come from ecological cultivation. Customers are advised that they must pay attention to a high and non-toxic quality. The import guidelines are by no means strict enough to speak of a healthy product.


Tea contains polyphenols. This water-soluble substance can help remove excess oil from the face. It can also help astringent pores and disinfect the mold to resist skin ageing. In addition, drinking tea can reduce the damage caused by UV rays to the skin. Drinking more tea is equivalent to applying a layer of natural sunscreen to your skin.

Fight radiation

Tea polyphenols in tea also have some other oxides that can help absorb radioactive substances that are harmful to the body. Polyphenols also protect cells from the damage caused by radiation. Targeting damaged cells can even have a repair effect. Some extracts of tea can make patients with tumour lessen the pain caused by radiation sickness. Moreover, it has a good impact in the case of the white blood cells depletion caused by radiation treatment.

Enhance memory

Drinking tea properly can improve human memory. The polyphenols in tea have the effect of improving memory and learning efficiency of the brain. Drinking tea can also prevent and treat mental disorders, especially cognitive impairment, in the elderly.

Improve muscle endurance

Tea contains catechin – an antioxidant that promotes the body’s burning of fat and improves muscle endurance. It can help increase muscle endurance, and can also relieve physical fatigue.

Keep in shape

Tea contains caffeine, which can promote gastric secretion and accelerate the decomposition of fat. Drinking a moderate amount of tea can make your waist smaller and improve your body fatness index.

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These people are recommended to drink tea with caution:

Pregnant women

Tea contains polyphenols, caffeine, etc. These ingredients may affect children’s development. It is recommended that expectant mothers do not drink tea after pregnancy.

Patients with fever

Drinking tea can achieve the state of sweating, and the body temperature is very high when a person has a fever. Higher body temperature and excessive sweating will affect efficacy.

Anaemia people

The tannic acid contained in the tea will chemically react with iron elements in the human body to produce an insoluble substance. This tannic acid reduces the iron content in the blood and causes anaemia.

Critics statement

Some critics say that tea causes sleep problems and also increases heart palpitation. However, black tea is not a drink that has an intense effect. In the end, every tea drinker controls his consumption of black tea himself. Of course, a cup of black tea is rather intense in the late afternoon.

Moderate consumption of black tea in the afternoon is certainly harmless. However, green tea may appear much more intense in older and sensitive people. Therefore, there is no need to warn that black tea generally prevents you from falling asleep. Every tea drinker should try out for themselves how good the tea is and decide individually.

A slow effect of the tea

Black tea is known for its slow stimulating effects. In comparison, the coffee has an intensely encouraging effect very quickly after drinking. The tea takes a few hours to show you a noticeable effect. This is actually an advantage; it reduces the feeling of dependency. Due to coffee’s quick effect, it definitely creates a dependency feeling that has to be slowly weaned off. This does not apply to black tea.


Of course, black tea also has critics. Yet, medical studies have proven that the tea has a mild effect and can be very digestible for the stomach. Tea contains a variety of healthy ingredients. Thanks to the flavonoids, the black tea lowers the risk of heart attack and in no way damages the cardiovascular system. Black tea even strengthens the bones and works against tooth decay