Working out doesn’t only mean that you are trying to make yourself look good, though this can often be the case. Apart from your physical appearance, working out hard also means getting fit. It is about being more conscious of your health choices and meals. Working out goes hand-in-hand with controlling your meal portions so that all your efforts do not prove to be futile.


shutterstock 423266275When you control your meal portions, you have to remember, however, that you shouldn’t skimp on the nutrition of your meals. You still have to keep your meals packed with the essential nutrients you need to carry out your daily tasks. One of the ways you can make sure you achieve this is through excellent meal substitutes, like a protein shake.


What benefits can you gain from protein shakes? Continue reading below to find out.


  1. It Promotes Muscle Growth


As you age, it is natural that muscle growth declines. When you are working out hard, one of the goals that you might have is to promote the growth of your muscles. As you grow older, fat tends to build up more than muscle does, and this, unfortunately, leads to chronic diseases. With the right balance of working out and the proper meals, you can reverse this and start to build up muscle mass again.


Protein shakes are great for muscle growth because they are rich in proteins. To build muscle mass and to promote growth, leucine in amino acids is needed, as this can be found in proteins. 


  1. It Helps With Weight Loss


When you are working out, protein shakes have also been found to aid with weight loss positively. But for you to achieve this result, you have to remember one thing: be conscious about your total calorie intake. If you already have enough calories from your meal, then do not supplement anymore with a protein shake. You will only make your meal even heavier when you do so.

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If you want protein shakes to aid with weight loss as you work out, it is recommended that you take it instead of a regular meal. Because protein shakes are rich in nutrients and proteins, it is enough to make you feel full. If you want to be very particular about your calorie needs for your body mass and weight, it is best for you to ask a nutritionist. Then, stick to this plan with the aid of protein shakes.


Read through this Luxe Fitness protein shakes guide to know how to choose the best protein shake based on your meal plan and calorie needs.


  1. It Can Help Lower Blood Pressure


Apart from trying to look physically well, perhaps one of the most compelling reasons why you may have decided to start working out is that you would want to improve your health. The good news is that working out, along with protein shakes, can significantly improve your health. One of the positive changes that it can have in your life is by lowering your blood pressure.


However, this section applies only to those who have elevated or high blood pressure to begin with. If you were reasonably okay along that line, you wouldn’t usually experience this significant change. Protein shakes can lower blood pressure in individuals who need help along this area through the bioactive peptides that it contains, which are known as lactokinins.


  1. It Can Improve Athletic Performance


shutterstock 565464112When you start going to the gym, you may observe that you have a particularly hard time during the first few days. Activities may be quite strenuous for you to do, and you may even have a hard time getting through the first round of exercise. You might wake up the next day feeling over-fatigued. The good news is that as you work out hard, drinking protein shakes can help improve your overall physical and athletic performance. This includes the following:

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  • It enhances muscle strength
  • It increases overnight muscle reconditioning
  • It improves your muscles’ adaptation to exercise
  • It improves your intensity during workouts


  1. It Can Help Treat Type 2 Diabetes


Type 2 Diabetes is the kind of diabetes characterized by high blood sugar and the impaired function of insulin. It is one of the most common types of diabetes across the globe. Whey protein, in particular, has been found to work as a better protein source for diabetes patients, in comparison with eggs and fish. This works positively by moderating your blood sugar, which, in turn, increases the level of insulin in your body. This improved level of insulin can help regulate your body’s blood sugar.




Protein shakes have become one of the most popular health supplements across the world. Men and women alike have gotten to love taking protein shakes. Even more so with active athletes and gym buffs, protein shakes have instantly become their best buddies. With this list of benefits and so many more, it isn’t difficult to see why there has been a widespread clamor to take more and more protein shakes as part of or even as a substitute to meals.