Low testosterone levels have been a common issue nowadays, and not only for older men. It seems that more and more men lately have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels. But when it comes to finding the best cure for this problem, not all men are ready to turn towards the promised beneficial effects of medications. Instead of, it seems that for most men, natural remedies are what they are searching for. Luckily there are many natural remedies that you can try before you go ahead with trying any medications or supplements. In the following article, we will explain the importance of exercising as a number one natural remedy for low testosterone levels, as well as, share some of the best exercises for this problem!

What causes low testosterone levels?

Low testosterone is a term which refers to an abnormal level of testosterone – decreased level of testosterone, in the simplest way possible. Testosterone is a very important hormone that has various functions in a man’s body. Because of these functions, it is essential to keep its levels normal at all times. And it is why a problem as low testosterone level needs to be fixed right away. Most commonly a problem such as this is caused by obesity, diabetes, hypertension, smoking, etc.

Does exercising increase the testosterone levels in our bodies?

No matter how odd this may sound but regular exercising does increase the testosterone levels in the body. This is a noticeable increase in the testosterone levels right after a workout. But to keep your testosterone levels normal by using the beneficial effects of exercising it is important for exercising to become a part of your everyday routine. Also, not every exercise is considered to cause an increase in the testosterone levels. Another problem is that this trick seems to work for only those men whose testosterone levels are in between normal and low testosterone levels. For those of you who are suffering from way decreased testosterone levels, you might want to consult your doctor and try a proper supplement or medication before you refer to exercising.

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What are the best exercises that will surely boost your testosterone levels?

When it comes to using exercise to increase your testosterone levels, it is important to remember that it is all about the time spent exercising and the exercises that you decide to include in your exercising routine. This is essential to keep in mind because although exercising can cause an increase in your testosterone levels, it could also cause a decrease in your already low testosterone levels. That is why you must consult a professional trainer that will point out which exercises you should try and from which you should keep away. In the following, we will share with you some of the most efficient exercises that you could try to increase your low testosterone levels!.

Sprints – A study done showed that an increase in the testosterone levels had been noticed in men who performed a series of intense, yet short sprint series. Next time you are at the gym, remember to use this trick and perform a few short, intense sprints on the treadmill.

Lifting – Lifting is considered to boost your testosterone levels! There is even a study done which confirms that exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses boost your testosterone levels very efficiently.

Forced reps – Although this exercise will increase your testosterone levels, it is important to remember that you should always start will small weights and work your way up with time. You do not want to cause additional problems for yourself.


It is time to acknowledge this problem known as low testosterone among men and do everything that is in our power to find the best solution. A part of that solution is considered to be regular exercising. Exercising has already so many important beneficial effects in our bodies, so it is no wonder that it can offer its help when faced with a problem like this. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that exercising can also have a bad effect on your testosterone levels, and decrease it further. That is why it is essential to consult a professional trainer that can give you his or her professional opinion on the matter. In the meantime, we represented lifting, forced reps and sprints as few of the most promising exercises that you might want to try. Also, you should not ignore the existence of some of the top male enhancement pills. These supplements promise an increase in your energy levels, better stamina, libido and not only an increase in your testosterone levels. However, you must be careful when choosing the supplement that you are going to use. If you are not interested in the benefits of exercising, there are a lot of other natural remedies that you can try as well. Just ask for your doctor’s opinion first.

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