In this day and age, women are often insecure about the shape, size and firmness of their breasts. In the cosmetic surgery industry, breast augmentation procedures are still the most popular course of treatment for women and additionally, it has been reported that the demand for breast lifts has increased by twice the rate of implants.

With cosmetic surgeries on breasts, there can be a number of issues that come up. The most common one that occurs is damage or scarring on the nipple where the breast tissue was removed. With the number constantly rising for people receiving unsuccessful treatments and then being forced to seek out cosmetic surgery negligence solicitors, it is no wonder that more women are seeking out natural remedies to cure issues they have with their breasts.

Aloe Vera Gel and Almond Oil

If your breasts are sagging, a great thing to try is massaging them with almond oil or aloe vera gel. Aloe Vera is a great plant that contains amino acids and vitamins which serve to stimulate growth. Not only do the vitamins help with growth, they also increase the blood circulation to the area, allowing you to tighten up your breasts. Additionally, almond oil will have a similar effect to your breasts as it is proven to boost the circulation that goes through them.

Egg Yolk and Cucumber

The reason this concoction is so useful is because cucumber contains natural skin-toning properties and egg yolk consists of high levels of vitamins and protein that lead to making your breasts firmer. To make the mixture, begin by blending the cucumber. Next add a teaspoon of butter, a single egg yolk and then apply the paste texture to your breasts. 30 minutes after you apply the mixture, use cold water to wash it off. If you repeat this process once a week, you will definitely begin to see your breasts becoming firmer.

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Fenugreek Mix

The oil of fenugreek is proven to help the elasticity of breast tissue. The effect the oil has it to enhance the overall boob size through manufacturing a synthetic oestrogen that boosts growth in the cells of the breast. You need to create a paste like texture by mixing fenugreek with vitamin E oil, egg whites and plain yoghurt. Once you have the paste, apply the mixture to your breasts, and as the case with the egg and cucumber, wash it off after 30 minutes. If you do this continuously (every week as recommended), you’ll quickly see its firming effects.

Exercise to the Gym

This is a very obvious tip but it proves it can be one of the best. There are a huge number of different exercises you can do to improve the firmness of your cleavage. It can be done by lifting weights or taking part in activities such as swimming or aerobics. Other things you could try is push-ups, yoga, and shoulder presses. These are all exercises that build the muscle beneath the breast tissues, giving them a much firmer and lifted appearance. Think of it this way, if you’re working on your pectoral muscles, the weights won’t be the only things that are getting a lift!