In today’s competitive job market, you want to make sure you choose the perfect career. You don’t want to go through four years of school and a collection of student loan debt with no job prospects, so you’ll want to choose a degree that will help you land a job right out of the gate!

Respiratory therapy is a great degree to consider. Respiratory therapists are healthcare professionals who specialize in respiratory issues and the pulmonary pathway. They are trained to work therapeutically with patients on any respiratory issues and are an extremely valuable asset to the healthcare system. Here are a few of the reasons you should consider this degree.

Healthy Job Market
The job market in the medical field is exceptionally high. The market for respiratory therapists is expected to grow an average of twelve percent over the next decade. This higher than average growth rate means there will be plenty of jobs available upon graduation. In addition, the aging population will make this position more valuable in the home care setting.

Opportunity to Impact Others
This career is also very rewarding and high impact. Therapists have the opportunity to save and restore lives and are the source of much comfort in difficult and traumatic situations. This important role can be very fulfilling and will have a huge positive impact on others.

Decent Pay Scale
Salaries for a respiratory therapist varies, but the average salary lands around $58,000. Salary may vary based on years of experience as well as the type of facility. Hospitals employ for this position most often, but the best salaries come at outpatient care centers where therapists can make over $60,000 annually. This is a great salary especially considering many programs offer a cost-effective online respiratory therapy degree.

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Lots of Variety
As a respiratory therapist you will deal with a wide variety of patients and clinical settings. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with infants, children, young adults, and seniors. You’ll also experience variety in the treatments you administer. Therapists can help in extreme emergency situations or can deal with severe asthma. This variety ensures each day is unique and different.

These are just a few of the many reasons respiratory therapy is a great route for any student. If you’re struggling with finding the perfect career path, consider respiratory therapy today! You’ll enjoy all the many benefits and you’ll help save lives along the way!