Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, popularly known as laser treatment is a device used to release light through light amplification. Laser differs from other sources of Light coherently.

The Laser hair removal is done in many ways like cosmetic surgery, Barcode scanner, DNA sequencing instruments, fiber optics, etc. Nowadays in Cosmetic Surgery, Hair transplant surgery, Face lift, body Laser treatment is also popular.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal Process

Laser hair removal cost in Mumbai

India has the comparatively cheaper cost of laser hair removal around the world. In the US, the average cost of laser hair removal is $429. Whereas in the UK it costs around $381. The cost of Laser hair removal in Turkey, Thailand, Brazil, Australia is $28, $29, $101, $400 respectively.

Recently, it has been observed that more and more people are preferring to get laser hair removal treatment in Countries like India, China due to the low cost. In India, the average cost of Laser hair removal is Rs 800.00 ($13 only). Below is the list of the cost of laser hair removal for metros of India.

City Average Price Starting Price
Bangalore Rs. 2100.00 Rs. 1800.00
Chennai Rs. 3783.00 Rs. 2000.00
Hyderabad Rs. 39060.00 Rs. 2000.00
Kolkata Rs. 11708.00 Rs. 750.00
Mumbai Rs. 1857.00 Rs. 1000.00
New Delhi Rs. 2333.00 Rs. 2000.00


Mumbai is the best place to get a laser hair removal when it comes to India. One may argue that it is slightly expensive as compared to other metro cities in India but the quality of treatment is much better. The laser hair removal cost in Mumbai is around Rs. 1200.00 per treatment. The starting price of Laser hair removal Mumbai is Rs. 4000.00

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How does laser hair removal function?

The laser gives out accurate light emission that is pointed towards the melanin in hair or the hair knob. The melanin essentially gives shading to our skin or hair. At the point when Laser at a specific recurrence goes through our skin, the melanin retains this beam of light in the hair follicles.

The laser therapy functions admirably when the shade of hair is darker contrasted with the skin shading. Here and there it gets befuddled between skin shading and hair shading if the two are comparable.

For darker skin, one needs a long wave laser, for example, Diode Laser (like Light Sheer Duet by Lumenis USA). On the off chance that you have darker skin, at that point, these lasers are most secure. So nations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh will be on a favorable side by this treatment. For individuals having dull compositions, the skin layers won’t consume while endeavoring to evacuate undesirable hair.

How India has turned into favorable destination for Laser Hair Removal?

India is turning into a hub for laser hair removal. Individuals from everywhere across the globe come to India for Laser Hair removal. In India, especially in Mumbai, Laser hair removal is turning into a developing pattern. Bollywood, one of the biggest film businesses on the planet, is available in Mumbai city. Along these lines the interest for laser hair removal in Mumbai is rising leaps and bounds.People in Mumbai are highly fashionable. They want to look young and beautiful. Principally, Laser hair removal in Mumbai is completed to expel undesirable body hair from the uncovered parts of the body.

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How Mumbai has become a top destination for Laser Hair Removal?

In Mumbai Laser Hair Removal is generally carried out in any parts of the body except sensitive portions like eye lids and its surrounding area. They are mostly carried out on hands, legs, underarms and chin.During the process of Laser Hair removal Mumbai, the laser light penetrates through the skin and reaches each hair follicle. Another advantage is that the heat released during this process reaches hair follicle, so its growth might get retarded in future.

How many sessions are needed for Laser hair removal in Mumbai in general?

Hairs grow on a daily basis. At any point of time nearly 20 percent of your hair will always remain stagnant. This hair does not get affected during laser hair removal. For this reason nearly all laser treatment is done five times for better results. Dermatologists providing Laser hair removal in Mumbaisuggest that generally it should be done at least 3-4 times for optimal results.

It is seen that normally some parts of your body will respond quicker than other parts of your body in terms of hair growth. For example, face will take greater time to respond to treatment than the bikini line.