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Whether for a few minutes to the start of a busy morning or a banquet where time is just in hours/minutes, family meals bring everyone together. Babies can also be here to take part with a highchair, which allows them to sit at the table and be part of the fun. You will as parents soon discover that your baby will find it more fun to play with their food instead of eating it, but he or she is also an excellent observer.

Anyone observing helps your baby to table manners to teach, which he or she develops during the preschool and early childhood. Highchairs are an important part of the development of your baby and they are related to feeding is the most popular option. You can buy a highchair in baby stores or online shops. Choose the best highchair that you take into account the style, safety and ease of use, so you get the best results.

The right time for a highchair

Highchairs can be used once your baby can sit up, what about after four or five months is. Therefore it is not to buy anything you need right when you know that a baby is coming. There are plenty of other products that your baby need immediately when he or she comes home. So save even just a few months instead of you a crib, car seat, stroller and baby high chair, buy all at once.

Babies can use a highchair as soon as they can sit upright, but pediatricians recommend that you do not eat solid food yet to give at this age. Babies do not have enough teeth to chew food properly and give them early solid foods leads to obesity in childhood time. Around six months, your baby is old enough for soft rice cereal, but wait for at least nine months before solid foods give. But young babies can sit in the highchair and play with their toys while Mom and Dad sit at the table for dinner.

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As with all baby products, safety would be the most important factor must be for you. Every year thousands of babies are brought to the emergency room by accident with a highchair. If you take the time to buy the right highchair and several important safety features careful, you can avoid being part of this statistic. First, the base of the highchair should firmly be. This means that the feet of the legs should be wider that the highchair itself. Older babies and toddlers can be boisterous in their highchair and if the base is not strong enough to topple the chair. If you want to buy a highchair that can be folded together, make sure that you always do the lock mechanism.
Second, you should never rely on the tray and safety.

Children can climb on the tray while younger infants below and scroll. A highchair with medium and crotch straps is also a requirement. And do not rely only on the waist belt to keep your baby in the highchair. Babies strangled because they got stuck in the belt when they moved under the tray. The crotch belt prevents this and ensures that your baby stays in the seat. If you do still worry about the security, you can also be a five-point harness buy your highchair.


Babies are not fussy eaters and you can be sure that the meal ended up on your child, highchair and possibly the wall and floor gets stuck. Remember this when you look stylish highchairs with wrinkled covers. This may look very nice, but cleaning every day between those lines is time consuming and very tedious. Plastic and wood are usually the recommended materials for a highchair.

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Choose between wood and plastic

Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Their surfaces are easy to clean with antiseptic wipes and bacteria remain not technically tied. Plastic chairs are lightweight and most have a padded plastic seat that will keep your baby comfortably. If you do not like plastic or a highchair want that matches the rest of your kitchen furniture, then wood is a good alternative. Wooden chairs are a little heavier and they miss some conversion options that have the plastic models.