One’s face speaks a lot about their personality. The way you carry your hair, how you groom your stubble and more.  Your facial hair is an important part of your style statement. When it comes to picking the right tool to achieve that fabulous style, is when things start going sideways. On the shelves you can find numerous brands and a variety of their product, and so the unending search for the perfect razor begins.

But the first big question on every man’s mind is ‘Stick to Manual’ or ‘Go Electric’? Well, it is more of a personal choice to be made, but there are some factors that could ease your confusion.

  1. Time: If you take too long to shave and this bothers you, you could manage to save time with an electric trimmer.
  2. Versatility: An electric razor gives you the freedom to try out new styles or trim through your stubble to get a decent look. It works perfectly on beard, sideburns and moustaches, all with a single tool.
  3. Lack of smooth finish: The feeling of a smooth and clean skin after manual shave is divine; something an electric razor fails to provide.
  4. Easy to use: A manual razor is quite handy and easy to use. Contrary to an electric razor it doesn’t need any electricity, thus it is portable and easy to carry around. Replacing a cartridge is easier than maintaining and cleaning an electric razor after every use.

Now that the odds are on the table, and you know the pros and cons of both the types; you could choose your type. Now all you need is to find a suitable razor in this category. You might look out for the top 10 best electric shavers for 2017, but you might not find the thing you need. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect tool for your grooming needs.

  1. Skin type is the primary concern
    Before you even consider checking out the shelves for a razor; it is important to know your skin. Do you have a sensitive skin, or do a certain type of razors can cause burns or rash, or do you often cut yourself using a razor. You need to be cautious when choosing a razor, being careless in doing so can harm your skin. There are certain razors specially designed for people with sensitive skin or other conditions and requirements.
  2. Razor head selection
    There are multiple options when choosing the type of razor head. For a manual razor, it is mainly in term of number of cutting blades and their alignment, while for an electric shaver it’s either the foil type or the rotary type.

    If prefer using a manual shaver, choose the product that suits your shaving posture and method. Also, you could choose from disposable razors and cartridge based razors. Replacing a cartridge is easier as well as economical than disposable razors.
    In the electric section, this classification is primarily based on the cutting action. For a rotary type, there are disc types cutting heads moving in a rotatory motion. While the foil type has linear motion, which makes it suitable for people with straight facial hair.

  3. Looking into the special features
    Apart from their design and superior cutting abilities, the razors in the market are equipped with special features which make them stand out of the crowd. Some may boast about the cutting angle of the blades, while some may market themselves for a long lasting cartridge. Some of the razors in the market talk about having special lubrication on the razor head that provides a soothing effect, leaving behind a smooth and clean shave.
  4. Brand name makes a stand
    With usage over time, people tend to develop a liking for certain products and brands and this lead to brand loyalty. Also, some brand names being trusted by numerous other users diverts a buyer’s attention to those products. Brands like Panasonic, Gillette, Bic and Philips are among the renowned names in the market for razors and trimmers. So when you walk into a store to buy a razor, these are the names that you have on your mind and these are the ones that tend to catch your attention.
  5. Your hair type
    Not every razor blade may give you the desired effect, and it is all because of your hair type and structure. Just like every lock has its key, each hair type has a suitable type of razor out there in the market.

    Some may have fine strands of hair and low growth density, while some may have a thick, curled and dense stubble. For each type of beard and hair there are different kinds of blade options and razor types to choose from. So do a little research and pick wisely. Check out some electric shavers for men or try some manual razors and find out yourself.

Now that you have your checklist and guidelines to find a perfect razor for your stubble, get yourself the razor you want and enjoy a perfect shave with it.

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