Lower back pain is the most common problem you will experience in your spine.
In fact 80-90% of people will experience pain in their lower back at some stage of their life.
Are you one of them?

Why Does Lower Back Pain Begin?

Like many musculo-skeletal and biomechanical conditions there is no definitive answer to why you start getting lower back pain.
At times there will be a specific cause which you know caused the symptoms you are experiencing such as:

  • Picking something up incorrectly
  • Getting injured while playing a sport
  • Trauma from an accident

Other times you will wake up in pain or stand up from a chair and experience discomfort in your lower back. The cause behind these is the continued stresses and forces you add to the joints and muscles in your lower back which build up over time, therefore leading to pain.

Can Chiropractic Treatment Help?

The most common condition seen by chiropractors is lower back pain.

With that being said the most important way of knowing if chiropractic treatment can help you is through a comprehensive assessment and examination.

A detailed history where you are asked specific questions about your problem allows the chiropractor to come up with an accurate diagnosis which is then confirmed through an examination.

It is vital that the chiropractor differentiates between lower back pain conditions such as a slipped disk, lumbar spinal stenosis, facet syndrome or muscle strain so that treatment is tailored to your specific problem.

The chiropractor will assess whether it is safe to treat and if this is the case will begin on a specific treatment program to begin reducing you symptoms.

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Lower Back Pain Treatment

If you’re looking for chiropractic treatment by a Sydney chiropractor, Spine and Posture Care specialises in lower back pain treatment.

Our chiropractors will find the underlying cause of your lower back pain and determine whether or not it is safe to treat you. After a specific diagnosis has been made treatment involves a variety of techniques which include adjustments, mobilisations and soft tissue work to reduce and eliminate your pain.
After your pain has decreased we believe it is vital to incorporate exercises and rehabilitation to strengthen any weak areas and relax/stretch any tight areas so that your pain stays away.
If you need a Chiropractor Sydney CBD give us a call today so we can help you on your way to being pain free and posture perfect!