This is a really important question to ask and a good consideration knowing that there are people who always try to sabotage good products but before then,  I think you should just get a rundown of what shakeology is and why it is the way it is and to just confirm if you are looking for the right product. Shakeology is typically a drink that has been researched and confirmed to be an outstanding meal replacement. It offers more nutrients that the body needs, much more than a conventional meal. It basically works well with those who do not have time to cook on a regular basis but want to stay healthy. These are all what shakeology genuinely offers;

-It promotes weight loss in that it does not supply what the body does not need and if continuously taken should be an antidote to excessive weight gain.

-By improving weight loss, it helps in re-absorption of nutrients which explains why it promotes weight loss

-Whey, saiha, quinoa, amaranth, flax and pea: These shakeology ingredients helps strengthen muscles, makes the skin glow, prevents hair breakage, sharpens mental reasoning and reduces junk cravings too. Too much right? I said that too but it is a genuine one.

-Proficiency support fruit/antioxidant blend of acai, acerola, pomegranates support a healthy heart and a well regulated blood level.

-Astragalus, cordyceps, ginkgo, maca, reishi and holy basil all support body growth in general.

-Enzymes such as amylase cellulose, lactase and invertase all promote regularity of the body organs and improve digestion.

-It regulates blood pressure and also blood sugar.

Please do take note that if you want to sell at a very good rate, you should know that they are not sold on Amazon(at least not anymore), GNC, Wal mart or any other online store because on these sites and stores, you are not guaranteed of anything can be replaced, returned or reported. They basically sell to only make their money, not with the interest of the product at heart. Meaning, they may not be able to know if they have the authentic product or not. Currently, it can only be delivered in countries like Canada and USA, which is the challenge. There is work currently going on with team beachbody and the customs services in order to approve the shipment of shakeology to be purchased in more countries, and go as far as Africa. There are no set dates yet but you can sure call it a work in progress.

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Amazingly, you can save up to 25% by becoming a team beachbody coach and when you cannot become a team beachbody coach, you can as well save by ordering on home direct auto ship. This service auto bills you every month and then you are able to save $10 from shipping. Shakeology even if it has been existing for ages now is still not known by so many people particularly because it has not been able to get a permit with the customs services. Once it does, it promises to go far and better the health of so many persons.

It is well known that shakeology has its roots in America and Canada. Sales are made in both countries with regards to the distribution of the product. But what if I want to rush down to the store right now to get it? Where exactly in Miami can it be found  for purchase?

Are you in search of where to buy shakeology in Miami, Florida? The answer is right here for you. The fact is you cannot yet get to buy shakeology anywhere in stores and with big shopping sites like Walmart, eBay and the rest of them according to the business model at the moment. Maybe, yes in the nearest possible time but for now, you can only get it from the Beachbody or the Team Beachbody coach members. These are paying registered members of shakeology with fabulous discounts in their hands.

Choices you have when buying shakeology

Shakeology comes in some few varieties of blends. You have the choice in flavors that best appeal to you. These are flavors of strawberry, vanilla, green-berry, chocolate and chocolate vegan. These provide you with a mix of pure blends of super-fruits, super-greens, super-protein, fats, fibers and other numerous vital body nutrients. The shakeology web platform gives a rundown of every detail on all product composition. You can make your order through the platform for any delivery plan you choose to go with. This can be an auto-shipment type through direct home delivery or the choice of buying per month and anytime you want the product delivered to you. You can make an order to try out the product for free as a first time user.

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Avoid buying from an unapproved store or salesperson

The popularity and effectiveness of shakeology have made it a product with high financial value and that gives the reason you would find many trying to make something out of  it in smart way. You would find the product being displayed for sale and this may not actually be a recognized member of the Team Beachbody Coach. There are benefits attached to buying from the Beachbody which you will probably not get from the vendors catching on the opportunity. You stand some risk here if decide buying from them. This can be adulterated or compromised product. You will most likely not have the privilege of guaranteed refund or change of product from a flavor to another.  You can avoid all these by buying from the beach body or its distributors called the Team Beachbody coaches.

Benefiting from buying at the appropriate channel

You can only get the full benefit of purchasing shakeology from the right member of Team Beachbody. These include the guaranteed refund if you don’t like the product. Your chances are bright for a guaranteed quality that would be delivered to your door steps. You are also given the opportunity to have discounted packages or even become a member of the club yourself. You can reach out to beachbody coach in Miami online if you choose to go through someone from that region by searching ‘Miami beachbody coach’ online.