Shakeology is known as the healthiest meal of the day like meal replacement or something. It offers a wide variety of functions in the body and gives reassuringly quite a number of nutrients that are quite difficult to believe.

It was first publicly released in 2009 with only greenberry and chocolate flavours of it. Well, it came into existence in the most unlikely manner particularly because the CEO of team beachbody did not like eating vegetables. His wife along with Olien who was in charge of sourcing for the products used in making shakeology, started doing research, the co founder Carl Daikeler was the one who hated eating vegetables, at least, not physically, not until Olien was able to discover recipes and how those vegetables could be present in a meal and still be enjoyed. Then, later in 2013, when they attempted to release the vanilla flavor which happened to be a flop, to the manufacturers actually, because there was a high demand of it, there came accusations that shakeology contained high quantity of trace element, lead. They went through a quality certification programme in 2015 and passed the test including the ones on heavy metal quantity. Having established that it is a meal replacement if not better than a meal replacement, it saves a whole of time and energy for the very busy ones that have work to keep up with. It keeps the body strong and healthy, enhances weight loss, reduces blood pressure helps one stay in shape coupled with the right workouts.

As to where it can be gotten;

Shakeology at Walmart, CostCO, GNC: they do not sell at any of these stores or the online stores either, I am referring to making a purchase for a product that would never come with complaints.

Amazon: Amazon was previously one of the distributors of shakeology, however not anymore since there are no longer representatives present.

E-bay: you can get shakeology here, there is no guarantee of having your money back If anything turns out to be wrong with the product you purchased.

So, officially and most importantly, you can only get this suitable health drink from beachbody official website or rather beachbody coach with a more reduced shipping cost than beachbody itself. At the moment, it can be delivered based on order only to the US and Canada. There is a current negotiation with the customs to extend the sales to outside United States because it is a certified health drink which reminds me that in 2015, there was an Independent Clinical Study of shakeology which was designed to look into the effects of the products by allowing participants to stop food and feed on shakeology for 90 days. They did and returned with exceptional results. Check this out:

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Continuous weight loss

Lowered cholesterol

Lowered blood sugar

So what? shakeology sampler costs $34.95 before shipping, the shipping included costs $45.26.Another option would be to order the shakeology chocolate plus vanilla plus strawberry plus combo pack so you would be getting like 24 packets though you may not get the other 4 flavours in that package. There is auto ship, where you can be auto billed monthly and get them delivered and still save up to 10%.It is certified. Shakeology is all you need in terms of price and health maintenance.

Shakeology is an ideal product for those looking for a healthy diet source. Shakeology promises to have excellent results to the user. It is a perfect superfood and comes with a variety of benefits. It aims at helping one reduce junk food cravings, loss of weight, aid in digestion and also contributes to reduce food cravings. Shakeology is quite incredible if you are looking for better overall health. Most people have benefited from Shakeology, but not everyone will be satisfied. When you are buying the product, you may not be satisfied and are looking to return to the product. If there is an issue, it is important that you have the product returned, so that you can be refunded or get an exchange. If you have bought the Shakeology from Beachbody, there is a process that you need to follow so that you can have the product returned in the right away.

When you purchase Shakeology, you need to be aware that there is a money back guarantee. If by any chance you are not 100% satisfied with the result of the product, you can have the product returned and get a refund for the purchase price, excluding shipping and handling fee. It is applicable only if the product is returned within the money back guarantee period at the time of the acquisition.  If you are returning Shakeology, it is important that you return everything, including remaining packaging or if used or unused.

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The guarantee period will start from the date of delivery or purchase. When you buy Shakeology, you may find that you are not satisfied with the product and you want to return the product to Beachbody. If one wants to be eligible for a refund, it is necessary that you request a Return Authorization number within the specified Money Back Guarantee. One can do this by filling an online form.

Once you receive the Return Authorization, you need to have the package returned within 15 days. Any cost incurred during the return process are the responsibility of the buyer. Beachbody or seller of the Shakeology will need to have proof of return in case the package does not reach the warehouse as expected. Beachbody or any other seller of Shakeology will not be responsible for any packages that will be denied at delivery, or if the package has been sent without the authorization number.

Refunds are usually processed within seven business days once the return package has arrived back to the warehouse. The process may be delayed depending on the institution that is receiving the funds.

It is vital to follow the necessary return instructions so that you can have a successful return. It is also vital to have an authorization number so that you can return your package. Once you return the product, you will be able to get back your money or get another flavor of the Shakeology. If you used Beachbody order before, you would need to have the return authorization number mentioned on the outside of the box.